Study in Kenya: 5 Best Universities to Consider

Students are looking for ever new places and universities where they can get an education. As a rule, students consider universities in the United States or Europe, but it is worth paying attention to the universities of Kenya. Kenya has about 30 universities, 7 of which are state-owned, the rest are private. However, this does not mean that studying in Kenya is extremely easy. The “do my assignment” service can help with this, in which professionals will write academic papers for you.

In this article, in turn, you will find a list of the best universities in Kenya.

Best Universities in Kenya

1. University of Nairobi (UON)

University of Nairobi (UON) is an open advanced education organization in Kenya. UON started functioning in 1956. The college campuses are of an urban kind and are situated in the region of Nairobi. Being the main college in Kenya, the University of Nairobi welcomes the candidates with fierce competition. Year by year the college manages to get into the top 5% of the best world colleges.

The application procedure depends on the endorsement of past training gave by the candidate and scholarly performance. The procedure of application isn’t complicated by student competition as there are just 2 candidates for each seat. Like in numerous colleges of Kenya the scholarly year comprises two semesters. The expense of educational cost for the bachelor’s programs is around 5,000 USD every year. The individuals who wish to get their graduate degree here ought to be prepared to spend 5,000 USD every year. Notwithstanding low education costs, the college furnishes the understudies with extra money related help with the type of grants. Not every person can study full time, so the University of Nairobi offers such understudies a wide scope of online projects. On the college’s site, you can discover exact data on projects and educational costs.

The University of Nairobi is delegated an enormous college with in excess of 27,000 simultaneous understudies. The college acknowledges applications from foreign understudies. The scholarly staff incorporates in excess of 1000 educators and lectors. The college offers its understudies and the scholastic staff to partake in the international exchange programs. UON has internet pages on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin. The college has a working library. For the individuals who require accommodations dormitories on and off-campus are offered.

2. Kenyatta University (KU)

Kenyatta University (KU) started existence in 1985. The campuses of the college are well known in Nairobi where they are located. Kenyatta University is probably the best university in Kenya. The college has its merited spot among the top 5% of the world’s best colleges.

The admission procedure depends on the past academic history of the candidate. Like in numerous colleges of Kenya the scholastic year comprises two semesters. KU has Bachelor’s programs that cost under 1,000 USD/year.

Kenyatta University is delegated a huge college with in excess of 24,000 simultaneous understudies. The scholastic staff incorporates in excess of 3000 instructors. The college offers its understudies and the scholarly staff to partake in the exchange programs.

3. Edulink International College Nairobi

Edulink International College Nairobi was built up in 2014. The coordinated effort between the University of Northampton and Edulink International College is one way to deal with help Kenyan understudies in accomplishing their on-going instructive objectives, by increasing a quality UK Degree in Nairobi, while profiting by not voyaging abroad and deal with the cost that abroad training conveys.

Edulink International College Nairobi (EICN) is a multicultural foundation whose mission is to carry world-class training to Kenya through a unique association with the main UK college.

4. PAC University

PAC University is a cosmopolitan foundation of higher learning with understudies, staff, and personnel drawn from countries across Africa and the world. PAC University offers a favorable instructing learning condition that makes examining fun and intuitive and makes students feel comfortable away from home. University personnel involves both local and international staff, who are exceptionally prepared by famous organizations around the world.

5. Alupe University College

Alupe University College (AUC) is one of the most up to date University Colleges in the country. The University College has 200 acres of land in Busia County. It is located at nearly 7 kilometers from Busia town on the Busia-Malaba Road and it is 23 kilometers from Malaba town. The Alupe University College tries to be a focal point of greatness in coordinated preparation and research in the Health, Biological, Agricultural, Animal, Information and Engineering Sciences.

To Sum up

Universities in Kenya collaborate with various international organizations, which improves the quality of education in Kenya. Now you can get a diploma in almost any specialty while studying in Kenya. We have compiled the list of the best universities in Kenya for you in this article, and we hope you consider applying to one of them.

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