eCitizen Registration Online Procedure

The eCitizen portal is an initiative by the government of Kenya in a move to improve its service delivery in line with vision 2030 of the Republic of Kenya. eCitizen registration is free.

Before the online portal was created, access to government services was a cumbersome process and took longer to access what he/she needed. Citizens had to endure all the beau-acratic procedure before accessing the service.

The government also lost a good deal of money through corrupt cartels, fraud in payment, and corruption.

The eCitizen portal is like an online one-stop portal that enables Kenyans to apply and pay for government services online on a single page. Anyone with access to the eCitizen portal can access government information and make online payments for the following services

List of Services Offered on the eCitizen Portal

  • Business Name Registration
  • Business Name Search
  • Notice of Marriage and Issuance of a registrar’s certificate
  • Solemnization of marriage and Issuance of a marriage certificate
  • Commissioning of affidavits and Special licenses for marriage
  • Provisional Driving License and Driving Test Booking
  • Issuance of an Interim Driving License and Driving License Renewal for 1 Year
  • Driving Class Endorsement and Issuance of Duplicate Driving License
  • Driving License Information Corrections
  • Official Search (Nairobi Blocks)
  • Land Rent Clearance Certificate
  • Passport application for Adults
  • Passport Application for Children
  • Application for Kenyan Visa

eCitizen Registration: How To Register on the eCitizen Portal


  • National ID card number
  • An e-mail address
  • A digital passport-sized photo
  • An active mobile number to register and activate an eCitizen portal account.

Procedure for eCitizen Registration

Select the type of account you wish to register under. There are four types of accounts which are

  • CITIZENS – This account is meant for Kenyan citizens only. To register for the Citizens account, you need your ID number and first name.
  • BUSINESS – This account is used for any business that is registered in Kenya. A business registration number is required to create this account.
  • FOREIGN RESIDENTS – This is foreign nationals who are currently living in Kenya. You need your foreign certificate/passport to register.
  • VISITORS – Any foreigner who is on transits and needs a Kenyan Visa to be allowed to enter Kenya can easily acquire a VISA through the eCitizen portal.


  1. Access the eCitizen portal through a computer or mobile phone.
  2. Click on the “Register” button at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select the account you wish to be registered under as described above.
  4. Verify your National ID Number and First name by entering the two on the verification form. Then click “Verify.”
  5. Provide your email, select your gender, and create a password. Agree with the eCitizen portal Terms and Conditions, then click on the “Continue.” button.
  6. Verify your email address to continue. This can be done by opening your email and clicking on the verification link sent to you from eCitizen.
  7. Click “Next” to continue
  8. Enter your mobile number to receive the verification code via SMS. Then enter the verification code, then click Verify.
  9. You can now upload your digital passport size photo to complete the registration process.
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