Egerton University Student Portal (Uniplus)

Today we will discuss the Egerton University Student portal.

Egerton University is one of the oldest learning institutions in the country. Over the years, the institution has undergone very many changes. Take, for instance; the school started as a farm school in 1939 before upgrading to an agricultural college in the 1950s. Moreover, the University got enacted as a University through an Act of parliament in 1987. Today, however, we will look at how the University has leveraged on technology through its Egerton University student portal (Uniplus).

It is in this University that most Kenyans who have pursued an agribusiness degree studied in. It’s for this reason that the University has carved a niche for itself to be the best in the agricultural sector.

How to register on Egerton University student portal

  1. Visit the Egerton University website
  2. Go to Uni plus
  3. Select student registration
  4. Fill in the required details that are first and last name
  5. Select the preferable email address to be used
  6. The system will automatically generate your unique username
  7. Key in the password you need to be using and then re-confirm it.

However, it is imperative to understand that to successfully register with Uniplus; one needs to be a bonafide student of Egerton University.

What benefits could a student derive from joining the Egerton University Student Portal?

  • Checking of any fee balances as well as fee statements and overall fee structure.
  • Online Course registration – once one’s course resumes, they do not have to endure the long queues to register for their units.
  • The student portal also allows students to access their examination results.
  • For the Fresha’s, that can easily use this portal to book hostels in the University after a break for the first semester.
  • Moreover, a student is also able to verify which hostel they have been allocated to.
  • One is also able to view the admission list as well as status.

Interesting facts about the University

Egerton University has three campuses. The University’s main campus is located at Njoro. The Njoro campus is the hub of sorts as it houses the following faculties:

  1. Arts and Social Sciences
  2. Faculties of Agriculture
  3. Engineering and Technology
  4. Education and Community Studies
  5. Environment and Resources Development
  6. Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
  7. Science

More to this, the Njoro Campus also houses two main boards: the one for undergraduate studies and the other for postgraduate studies.

The other primary campus for Egerton University is the Nairobi campus. It is worth noting that this campus offers programs from the Faculties of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, and Community Studies.

Its last campus is known as the Kenyatta campus, which is located only 5 Kilometers away from the main campus (Njoro). This campus house the school of distance learning which was initially located at the Njoro campus.

Moreover, It is important not to forget that Egerton University also has one college campus. This college campus is located at Nakuru, and it’s called the Nakuru town campus college. This college has currently only two faculties that is the one for health and the other for commerce.

During the President Kibaki era, three of Egerton University campuses were promoted to fully chartered Universities. These Universities are Chuka University, Laikipia University as well as Kisii University.

Egerton University has also undertaken many breakthrough research projects. Such research projects include:

  • Lake Nakuru Research Project
  • Vegetable Oil Protein System (VOPS)
  • Soil Fertility Replenishment
  • Tropical Legumes Project e.t.c

The University has also not been left behind in producing some prominent people the likes of Hon. Cecily Mbaire who was Runyenjes member of parliament in 2007.

It’s worth noting, for anyone who intends to pursue a career in Agriculture, a degree in this field from Egerton University or its campuses is more superior as compared to the same degree from other Universities.


Being a University student in these times is much better as compared to our times. Imagine, one can do all the manual administrative tasks that we used to queue for hours to access in our time with just a tap of few buttons. Oh my, how I love these times…

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