How To Get Cleared From CRB Kenya

Are you still stuck in CRB and wondering how to get cleared from CRB Kenya. Do you know your Listing status, credit Status? Who blacklisted you?

Getting cleared from CRB Kenya isn’t that hard as it seems provided that you know where to start. However, I must warn you that it will be a painful and costly process.

But first things first, What is a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and what is their work?

How To Get Cleared From CRB Kenya

What is a CRB?

A credit reference bureau (CRB) is a licensed credit union that is tasked with Credit Ratings, Debt Management Services and lastly, Credit Referencing.

This is done via the collection and sale of credit performance information for individuals and companies. You can also use these entities to check your CRB Status in Kenya as discussed in our previous post – How to Check CRB Status Online in Kenya.

There are only three CRB companies in Kenya that are tasked with this crucial job. These companies are:

  1. TransUnion CRB Kenya.
  2. Metropol Corporation.
  3. And lastly, CreditInfo.

How do you which CRB Company Listed You?

If you defaulted on your loan or your loan accounts fall into arrears, Your details are sent to the CRB from lenders. The lender has a right to submit your name and details to any of the CRB companies for blacklisting.

This, in turn, affects your credit score which is calculated by how frequently you borrow and repay loans.

As a matter of fact, you’ll be prevented from borrowing from other loan providers as your listing status will be shared across with other service providers.

In order for you to get your details updated, you need to have all loans cleared and then follow up with the specific lenders to confirm if they’ve updated your account records.

How To Get Cleared From CRB Kenya

  1. Check your CRB status to know who blacklisted you
  2. Clear your debt or loan with your lender
  3. Request a batch number from the lender who blacklisted you.
  4. Submit this number together with your National ID card details to the CRB company.
  5. Lastly, pay a delisting fee to the CRB company to obtain a clearance certificate.
  6. Check again with the company to ensure that you have been whitelisted.

It is important to note that, you may be listed more than once, that is to say, your account has been blacklisted by more than two different lenders or creditors.

In this case, you have to repeat the steps of getting cleared, though, this time around with you get your batch number from the current lender.

How To Get Cleared From Metropol CRB

How To Get Cleared From CRB Kenya

At the moment, Metropol CRB is the only commonly used by lenders because of its efficiency and availability in terms of service delivery. See the picture above on how to contact them.

To get cleared by Metropol CRB and obtain a certificate of Clearance, you have to first register with them via USSD code *443#. Metropol services are also available in Huduma Centers countrywide.

You can also sign up via their app Crystobol that is available on Google Playstore for download. The app will enable you to access the following services at a go.

  • Listing Status
  • Your CRB score/status or ratings
  • Who Blacklisted you
  • Obtain your credit report
  • And lastly, a Certificate of Clearance

How To Get Cleared From TransUnion

TransUnion also has a mobile app called TransUnion Nipashe from which they offer CRB clearing services. However, I wouldn’t recommend you using them for your woes because of poor service delivery. Try at your OWN RISK!

AS for Creditinfo CRB Kenya LTD, we currently do no much about them but we will update once we get to know how they operate.

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