Huduma Namba Registration (NIIMS) application and requirements

I’m pretty sure you have heard the name Huduma Namba before, but what is it? What is it for? How does it help me?

Some of you are even angry at the government for implementing this particular project. So what is Huduma Namba? Let’s find out.

Click Here to read more about the Huduma Namba 2019 Bill

What is Huduma Namba?

This is a unique number generated by the National Integrated Identity Management system (NIIMS).

The number is created through the collection of biometric data from Kenyans. Huduma Namba will enable one to access government services.

Such services include applying for a driving license, ID, birth certificate among others.

Huduma Namba is issued to Kenyan citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents.

Currently, the number is issued to an individual via manual registration through local government officials.

After registration, the data collected is stored in a central database, i.e. The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS).

The primary purpose of NIIMS is to capture, manage, maintain and operate a national register of Kenyan residents.

NIIMS portal will also be used to:

  1. To assign a unique national identification number to every person registered.
  2. To create and maintain a national population database.
  3. Assist in the issuance of the following documents:

Why Huduma Namba?

Huduma Namba will drastically reduce the number of documents that a person residing in the country is currently required to have to access Government services.

It will also improve government service delivery in all government institutions since it contains all the information required to access different government services.

However, the main purpose of Huduma Namba is to meet the governments BIG FOUR AGENDA which include; Affordable housing, Food security, Affordable health care and lastly National security.

Documents required to register for the Huduma Namba.

To get your number, you will need any one of the following original documents and other documents you need to be captured in your Huduma card.

  • Original National ID card.
  • A Birth Certificate for minors
  • A valid driving license.

At the registration center, you’ll be required to fill a form by providing personal details such as:

  • Your Full names
  • Date and place of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Physical and permanent address. etc. etc
  • Your fingerprint for biometric registration.

How Information is Captured.

At the registration center, you will be required to fill the Huduma Namba registration form which will contain all your biodata, photo, and biometrics.

The form is free of charge and will later be transferred to a registration kit for temporary storage and after that, it will be uploaded to the NIIMS central Server.

Where to Register for Huduma Namba.

To register, visit the sub-county or the nearest local sub chiefs office. In Nairobi, you can register by visiting the nearest Huduma Center.

You can also download the Huduma number form from their main website or here. Once downloaded, go ahead and fill in the necessary details in the sections provided.

You can then take the prefilled form to the nearest registration center to complete your application. Also, remember to be smart, go ahead and wear your best smile just for the camera 😉

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