Inchcape is the new distributor for Jaguar Land Rover in Kenya

Jaguar Land Rover in Kenya has selected a new distributor – Inchcape — The Kenyan car market is very different from what happens in developed countries. As a matter of fact I sometimes feel that people in Africa should be richer than people in Europe and America. Why do I say this? A brand new car in Europe going for 5 million Kenyan shillings will probably reach a Kenyan consumer at a price not less than 8 Million Kenya shillings.

This is inclusive of tax and shipping. As such, I am not surprised when I see people in developed countries driving high-end vehicles. This is because from where they stand, the automobiles are affordable.

Anyway, back to the main topic, developed countries have dealerships that distribute specific brands of both used and new vehicles.

These dealerships offer various services that Kenyan dealerships cannot offer such as warranty, and free service for the first two years.

Kenyan dealerships distribute second-hand vehicles since most of the cars that come from abroad are already used cars.

The government has been encouraging automakers to invest in assembly facilities in the country and so far, Peugeot and Volkswagen have already entered the market.

Jaguar Land Rover Distributor

companies like Jaguar land Rover appoint distributors in the region to sell their brands. A while back, Jaguar land rover was represented by CMC and later RMA. RMA had been distributing the cars until Inchcape was tendered to be the distributors in Kenya and East Africa.

Inchcape will take over the RMA Kenya showroom as well as a planned new workshop facility. The company will apparently also retain most of the RMA employees. Sanjiv Shah, the former CEO of RMA Kenya, will now serve as the Inchcape CEO for Kenya & Uganda.

Jaguar Land Rover

Inchcape is a UK multinational that sells cars brands that include: Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Audi and BMW in 31 countries.

Inchcape now represents the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in 12 markets. Kenya is Inchcape’s second market in Africa after Ethiopia where it sells car brands such as Toyota and Hino.

The advantage of having a distributor is that customers can easily address their concerns to them. Customers can also order for spares or new cars through them. This way, they enjoy all the services that Jaguar Land Rover offers its customers such as warranty.

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