Shell has launched new range of Shell fuels in Kenya

Shell is one of the leading multinationals when it comes to oil and gas. In Kenya, Vivo Energy has done an honorable task representing Shell fuels in Kenya and building petrol stations even in some of the most remote areas. Being a major company, Shell as gained a lot of trust from car owners who use their array of products to run their vehicles. Amidst still competition from total, Kenol, Kobil, national oil and gulf energy among other private gas companies, Shell stand out as the most innovative and considerate player in the industry.

Almost annually, they run campaigns and promotions to promote their products and at the same time reward their custormers which is part of their CSR strategy.  This has won shell a huge client base ranging from boda boda riders to heavy duty truck owners.

The rule of thumb is that a company like Shell cannot compromise their fuels since doing so would be committing corporate suicide. As such, many people trust their fuels to be safe compared to those sold by scrupulous businessmen.

Apart from fuel, Shell has a wide array of products including engine oils, grease, coolants and fuel additives. These products are designed to keep vehicle parts functioning perfectly for a long time. On its fuels, Shell has rebranded its portfolio.

The new Shell Fuels in Kenya

Shell fuels in Kenya range from; Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave Unleaded, and Shell FuelSave Diesel have been redone with DYNAFLEX technology for engine efficiency.

The new fuels also help clean and protect key components in engines and they work with new and old cars.

The interests of its customers have always been at the core of Shell. This rebranding comes as way of introducing better fuels and products to vehicle owners. The Managing Director Vivo Energy Kenya Mr. Joe Muganda emphasized on the constant drive to offer customers the very best at Shell.

“We place customers at the heart of everything we do. We aim to make their life’s journeys better by giving them one less worry on the road.”

“Our new Shell fuels in Kenya aim to clean and protect car engines. Making them more efficient to help you enjoy your journeys on the road. We believe it is not just where you go, but also how you go that matters,”

He continued to express his optimism with the new products by saying, “We hope motorists will experience the benefits of our new fuels, enhanced with our latest DYNAFLEX technology so that they can enjoy better journeys on the road.”

“Whenever our customers visit our stations and walk into our convenience retailing outlets; whether they need assistance, or are looking for a place to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate, we aim to be there for them. We want people to go well with Shell fuels in Kenya,”

Presently, The new range of shell fuels in Kenya is available in 95 Shell Service stations and the Shell Fuel Save unleaded and diesel fuels are available at all Shell Fueling stations countrywide.

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