Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program: The Definitive Guide

One of the many ways we’ve written through which netizens and business-minded individuals can make money online is by doing affiliate marketing and not just Affiliate marketing but Jumia Kenya sales affiliate marketing.

Jumia Kenya, which is an online shopping website, was launched in Kenya in March 2013.

It is considered as one of the biggest online shopping websites that sell different products ranging from clothes to electronic devices in Kenya.

Jumia’s affiliate program is one of the few online affiliate programs available directly to Kenyans which pays directly to them in the local currency and so unlike other affiliate programs such as Amazon or Clickbank.

You don’t even need to have a PayPal or other online payment wallet to receive your earnings.

Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program Guide

What are cookies and How long do they last?

Well, those who know about affiliate marketing will see a thing or two about cookies.

It’s like a bit of data that contains information about your referrals. Moreover, it helps your merchant remember that this particular referral clicked on your website last before making a purchase.

The good thing is that the cookie lifespan for Jumia’s affiliate program lasts for up to 30 days.

This means that, even if your referral doesn’t buy something from Jumia on the same day that they clicked on your affiliate link but do so at a later date within the 30 days lifespan of your cookie, you’d still get credited.

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How to get started?

To get started you need to:-

  • Register as an affiliate with Jumia Kenya
  • Create your affiliate links/banners
  • Promote your affiliate links/banners on your website

How Much Can you Make from Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate program

Jumia affiliate program is one of the surest ways to make money from your blog. But the amount of money you can make depends on a lot of things. These include,

  • Your Blog site traffic
  • Blog Niche
  • The affiliate commission model for the product you are promoting.

Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Commission Model and Structure

With the many affiliate programs in Kenya, Jumia Kenya sales affiliate is considered as one of the best because of their higher commission structure. See the Jumia affiliate commission model below.

Category Commission
Install €0.1
TVs, Audio & Video 5%
Automotive & Motorcycles 6%
Default 4%
Cameras & Accessories 6%
Mobiles & Tablets 5%
Games & Consoles 4%
Fashion 12%
Books & Stationary 10%
Sports & Fitness 10%
Home & Living 7%
Kids & Babies 7%
 Health & Beauty 10%
Computing 5%

How Affiliate Marketing Work

In an affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission when you refer someone from a particular link called an affiliate link to buy a product or access a service

According to the commission structure above, if you refer someone to visit Jumia Kenya online store to purchase products from the Home and Living products category, they will pay you 7% commission.

Different product categories have different commission structure. The highest commission structure is the fashion category. And that’s why you will make a lot of money if you start a fashion blog.

Things You Need to Start Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Program

There are certain things you need to have in place before you join the Jumia affiliate program. These are:

  • A website/ Blog
  • Bank Account / Mpesa Mobile number
  • And an email address

How to Sign up for Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Program

To join the Jumia affiliate program, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit Jumia Kenya sales affiliate program signup website
  • Fill in the Jumia affiliate program signup form provided.
  • Select your account type ( I prefer individual), fill in your name, email address, mobile number, country of residence, and your website.
  • After filling that information, proceed to read their affiliate program terms and agreement.
  • Agree to their terms, and then click on the  “START EARNING” button.
  • Login to your email address to confirm your email address by clicking a confirmation link sent to you.

Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Approval

After submitting the form, the Jumia Kenya affiliate team will review and process your application. It usually takes about 4- 5 days to get their response.

The affiliate team will check your website/blog URL to confirm if you have enough traffic to promote their products.

If your application is rejected, you can appeal for acceptance by contacting them through their affiliate email: ffiliate@jumia.com and explain how you will promote their products. This is what I did when they first declined my application.

After Approval What Next?

After you have been approved by the Jumia Kenya sales affiliate program team, You need to start promoting their products and earn some commission if you have enough traffic on your blog.

How to Generate Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Links

Jumia affiliate links have unique identifier codes that inform Jumia Kenya sales team that it’s you who referred someone to buy the product.

The system, therefore, tracks your referral links and credits your commission with the agreed commission rate.

To generate affiliate links for a specific product or product category, you want to promote follow the instructions below.

  1. Get the Product Link – Visit Jumia Kenya website and get the product link of the product you want to promote.
  2. Add your Affiliate ID to the link – To do so:
  • Loin to your Jumia Kenya affiliate dashboard
  • Click on “Tools”> “Link Builder.”
  • Select the “Advertising Offer,” i.e. country of interest for our case, its Kenya.
  • Copy the product URL you obtained from step 1 above and paste it on the page URL
  • Copy the final URL generated below to be used on your blog

How to Insert Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Links on your Blog post.

Jumia Kenya affiliate links are just like any other links and can be inserted into blog posts by using the “Add Link” option on WordPress or Blogger “Insert/Edit Link (Ctrl+K) on your keyboard.

How to Get the Sales Affiliate banners

You can also choose to use Jumia Kenya affiliate banners and place them in strategic positions on your blog. To do so:

  • Log in to your Jumia Kenya sales affiliate dashboard
  • Click on “Tools”> “Banners” and select “Advertising Offer,” i.e. country of interest. If you are in Kenya, choose Kenya.
  • Select your shopping category by clicking on any one of the “Banner Options”. Click any of the “Banner Size” you want at the bottom of the page such as 320×50 and then copy the “Banner Code” to be placed on your site

How to Insert the Sales Affiliate Banner Code on your Blog

The Jumia banner code is to be placed on your blog or website for the advertising banner to appear. I’ll show you how to put your ads banner on WordPress and Blogger, respectively.

For WordPress Users

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover your mouse on “Appearance”  on your left Vertical column men and click on Widget
  • Copy the Jumia Banner Code (as shown above)
  • Select a text widget on your sidebar and paste the Jumia banner code.
  • Save it and you are done.

For Blogspot Blogger User

  • Login to your blogger Dashboard
  • Click on “Layout” menu
  • On the layout sidebar, click on Add Widget
  • Copy the Jumia Banner Code (as shown above)
  • Paste the Jumia banner code and save

You should be able to see the Jumia banner ad appearing in the place you put the banner code. If a blog user clicks and makes a purchase from the banner link above, you receive a commission.

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How to Check Your Sales Affiliate Earnings

Once you are set and have promoted some Jumia products on your site, you may start getting conversions and which results in qualified sales.

You can, therefore, use the Jumia Kenya affiliate dashboard to view your commissions and know how much you have made during s specified period.

Although it’s difficult to understand their reports, you can monitor your sales daily.

To check your Jumia affiliate promotional report, Log in to your Jumia affiliate account and select your country under “Products Overview” on your dashboard to view the reports and progress for a single day, week or month.

For a complete sales conversion, Click on “Reporting” > “Conversions” from the left vertical menu.

Choose your country promotion target and then, select the desired time from which you will be able to view the number of sales made.

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You can also view the conversion date, a commission earned, and its status, i.e. if it’s pending, rejected or approved. You only receive commissions which have been approved

Sales Affiliate Payment Method

Jumia Kenya pays either via direct Bank transfer or Mpesa. For you to receive payments, you have to provide either your Bank account or Mpesa details on your dashboard.

To update your payments details on the Jumia Kenya sales affiliate dashboard, Log into your Jumia Kenya affiliate dashboard, on the left vertical menu.

Click on “Payment” > “Payment Details“. Select your country and also your preferred payment methods – Mpesa of course, no arguments about that 🙂

How to Succeed in Jumia Kenya Sales Affiliate Program

Just like any other affiliate marketing programs, you need to follow and play by the rules of the game as stipulated in this article.

You should then be able to grow your blog site to a level where it can make more money for you.

I would recommend using a products review blog to make money from Jumia affiliate. A products review blog is where you talk about various products sold at the store.

That’s it on how to make money from Jumia Kenya affiliate. I hope this lesson is helpful. Please share this post

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