Kisii University Students Portal

Let’s talk about Kisii University students portal.

But before then, have you ever wondered where all this technology was while you were studying?

I have been wondering about this a lot of late. Back in the day when some of us were students, we had to endure a long queue in order to either register for courses or get examination cards.

In those days, it did not matter whether you were the first year, with a lot of time in your hands or a fourth year with a lot of hassles and limited time.

The answer was always one; a queue.

However, these days universities have come up with amazing ways to utilize technology for the benefit of saving time and resources.

Take for instance students portals which have drastically reduced queue and made life a lot easier. Today, we a going to take a look at Kisii University Students Portal.

How to Access Kisii University Students Portal

Kisii University is among those universities that sprawled during President Kibaki’s era. In recent times, however, the University has been experiencing immense growth in its student’s numbers.

In order to reduce the long queues, the University came up with an online portal to assist the students with fee statements, examination cards, and slips, as well as an online resource center.

Here is how to join the Kisii University Students portal:

  • The first step is to create an account if you don’t have one.
  • In your browser, please go to this link – Kisii University Students portal
  • Then go to the create an account tab and click on it
  • Fill all the details required and submit
  • The next step is to fill in additional details required
  • The portal will generate a unique username
  • Enter your password and then re-confirm it
  • If successful, a welcome prompt will be displayed on your screen

In order to log in to the Kisii Univerity Portal

Input your username and the password that you have registered with above.

Tasks that one can perform in the Kisii University Students Portal

  1. Access to admission letter, the list as well as the status of your admission. Once KCCPs has received your application to take the course of your choice to this information, they give you information for you to collect your admission letter.
  2. Booking of accommodation. Back in the days, we had to report early to the universities we had been posted to in order to secure a place to lay our heads. Things have however changed and with a tap of some buttons, one can book accommodation before reporting back to school.
  3. Fee balance. This students portal is very useful when it comes to checking all the financial reports for your stay at the university. One can check if they have any fee balances and clear them from the account.
  4. Accessing examination cards. If you are well acquainted with the nuances of studying in a public university, you will agree with me that by far getting an examination card is quite a task. However, this is not the case for Kisii University Students portal as they are able to access their examination cards from the portal and print them from wherever they are. If this would have been possible during our times, we would probably galavanted till the examination day.
  5. Extra credit hours. if one needs to put in a request for extra credit hours the Kisii University students portal ensures that this is possible for everyone.
  6. Academic calendar. Kisii Univerity students are able to view their academic calendar also from wherever they are by just logging in to their accounts.
  7. Deferment of admissions. This process in my days required exceptional letter writing skills. However, for Kisii University Students, tapping buttons is all that is required.
  8. Transcripts. It is also possible for a Kisii University student to view his or her transcripts from the portal. This function is quite essential to Fourth years waiting for graduation because they might need them to secure internship opportunities.

Apart from these benefits that the students portal provides, the University website also provides online resource centers for its students.

The website has library services for its bonafide students to access a wide range of books and magazines.

Moreover, its worth to note that the website does not discriminate students based on the campus that they are in. Everyone and everybody is served with the exception of no one.

It is quite encouraging when a University invests in technology in order to empower its students and staff.

According to the way this University has continued to refine its process, it’s not by surprise that by 2020 it ranks among the top universities in Kenya.

Do you study at Kisii University? What are your views about this Kisii University Students Portal?

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