Least Marketable Courses in Kenya – 2020

Well, in this article, I will reveal the least marketable courses in Kenya, so you don’t make a mistake in your educational life.

These days, it is tough for an employment opportunity to come by, especially during these hard economic times.

If you are in this wagon, you might be asking yourself what the best marketable course is in Kenya to undertake. At the same time, you might also consider the least marketable courses. In this article, we will look at the least marketable courses in Kenya to enrol in, In Kenya.

Are you currently considering what kind of a course to take at the university or college?

Here is a list of courses not worth considering in your search.

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Physical Education
  3. Anthropology
  4. Records Management
  5. Meteorology
  6. Library
  7. Environmental Science
  8. Forestry
  9. Animal Husbandry
  10. Sport Science

List of Least Marketable Courses in Kenya

1. Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer is a person who mostly solves problems that involve the use and production of food, drugs, chemicals, and fuel. These individuals utilise the principles of physics, biology, and chemistry while solving these issues.

In most developing countries, these individuals are well paid as well as their demand is high. However, at the moment, the Kenyan economy has not grown to a level where the manufacturing sector requires a considerable number of chemical engineers.

This course, therefore, ranks among the top in the least marketable courses in Kenya. It’s offered at the Moi University and the Technical University of Kenya.

2. Physical Education

A bachelors degree in physical education is also among the list of the least marketable courses in Kenya. This course is aimed at creating individuals who promote psychomotor learning and play in primary and secondary schools.

At the moments, not many schools are keen at employing someone specialising in physical education only. This is quite understandable, based on the budget that schools have been allocated. Therefore, Physical education alone is not something that one would want to take up as a bachelors degree alone.

This course is offered at Kenyatta University.

3. Anthropology

This is the study of the humankind in both comparative and a broad approach. It also involves the study of how societies were formed. With many Art courses flooding in the market, it is tough to get an opportunity after studying this course.

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This, therefore, makes it to the list of the least marketable courses in Kenya.

4. Records Management

With the advent of technology, there have been some of the jobs same as degrees that have been rendered absolute. This seems to be one of those courses.  Most of the organisations have moved from having hard copy documents and filling system to the electronic system.

This, therefore, means that not many organisations will require a records officer unless it’s in a government institution. Government institutions are always the last to adopt any new technology.

5. Meteorology

This is a course applying changes in weather, climate, and earth. The reason why this course appears here is that at the moment, we have mobile apps that do this work at the moment.

Whole departments have therefore been replaced by mobile phone applications implying that there is no need for more meteorologists.

6. Library

A graduate from this course is equipped with the knowledge and skills to collect, organise, store, retrieve and disseminate information.  A graduate with a degree in Library is suited to work in Libraries.

As mentioned earlier, the advent of technology has made it easier to collect organises and disseminate information. The implications of this are, therefore, the demand for librarians has continually decreased with time. Creating this course to rank among the least marketable courses.

7. Environmental Science

At the moment, there are not many openings in relations to Environmental science. There are openings when it comes to high-level management positions that require more experience. However, for entry-level graduates, it is tough to get jobs and especially locally.

8. Forestry

There are very few organisations and companies in Kenya that offer employment opportunities for graduates in this course. According to statistics in the market, only 30% of the graduates from this course get employment opportunity.

Therefore, this is not a course to spend your fees on if you are serious about securing a job opportunity in Kenya.

9. Animal Husbandry

This course is about learning about companionship for animals and livestock. At the moment, Kenya is not significant in the farming industry. This, therefore, means that its nearly impossible to get an opportunity, if looking for an employment opportunity. Therefore, animal husbandry is among the least marketable courses in Kenya.

10. Sports Science

Unless you are already working as a sports manager or in the sporting industry, don’t go to the university to take this degree as your first degree.  Sports science course is among the least marketable courses in Kenya at the moment.


In Kenya, it is imperative to determine the kind, of course, you will undertake at the university. This is because your first degree in Kenya can make or break your career or an opportunity to get a job.

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