List of private health insurance companies in Kenya


We all take care of our bodies and never dream of a time where we will fall sick. However, one can fall sick at any time even without warning. It is therefore important to insure your health or that of your families against any unexpected illnesses. In this article, we are going to have a list of private health insurance companies in Kenya.

Private health insurance companies in Kenya

  1. AIG Insurance
  2. Old Mutual
  3. Resolution Insurance
  4. Takaful Insurance
  5. Pacis Insurance

Let’s now delve into details

AIG Health Insurance Kenya

This company is one of the largest insurance companies in the world with the largest network. In Kenya, this company started out as Alico Insurance and then rebranded to Chartis Kenya before becoming AIG insurance.

There are a variety of products that AIG insurance offers to its clients for both individuals and businesses. These products include property, Marine insurance, small & medium enterprises, domestic package insurance among others.

Moreover, this company also has a hospital cash insurance product. Individuals, groups, and employees are most suited for this product. Moreover, the hospital insurance cover,

Old Mutual

This group was established in 1845 in South Africa. As at today, Old Mutual is in over 17 countries in Africa. What is unique about the health insurance coverage offered by old Mutual is that it provides this cover to Small and Medium Enterprises. The cover is basically of the same value as those offered by Jubilee and other insurance companies.

Moreover, this company offers various investment and savings plans as well as lending platforms. Under the healthcare plan, there are five products under individual coverage. These products include:

  • Afya Imara –  this cover is for individuals and family.
  • Senior members of society cover – Afya Imara seniors
  • A cover for county hospitals – Afya Imara county
  • Afya Imara Junior – For kid below 18 years
  • An Executive cover enabling them to get treatment from the best hospitals in Kenya and beyond – Afya Imara executive

Resolution Insurance

This health insurance company aims at creating quality, innovative and simple solutions to people. It was established in 2002 as resolution health. In 2013 however, the company rebranded to resolution insurance. Over time, this company has gone ahead to offer the best medical solutions to its clients.

Its worth to note that this insurance company offers solutions to both individuals and business. The medical cover for individuals has the following benefits:

  • It covers all medical conditions
  • Plans for outpatient and inpatient cover
  • Maternity cover that covers both Lamaze classes and home deliveries
  • Babies born prematurely cover
  • Dental illness

More to this, the insurance company also have a harmony insurance plan that is dedicated to offering the best inpatient experience to their clients in reputable hospitals. Emergency ambulance services and evacuation services are also covered in this cover.

The corporate medical cover enables employers to offer a competitive health insurance package to its employees. The payment packages and plans for corporate are relatively affordable.

Takaful Insurance Africa Limited

This insurance company was founded in 2008 but it took it around 5 years to be licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. This company offers ethical and dynamic products to its clients. Moreover, this is the first Insurance company that complies to Islamic laws.

This company offers various products to its clients. That is general covers, pension and medical. The medical cover goes by the name Afya Tafakul. This cover is unique, in the sense that it covers for more than one female spouse. Moreover, the cover covers individuals between the ages of 18 years and 65 years as well as people with chronic diseases.

Pacis Insurance

This Insurance company is a brainchild of the Catholic church and its one of the best health insurance companies in Kenya. Pacis was started as ways of raising church funds in 1997 and got licensed in 2005. The main clients of this insurance company are therefore catholic priests and nuns. However, this does not necessarily mean that other companies and insurance companies cannot take cover with them.

Pacis Offers a wide range of products to its clients be it to institutions, individuals as well as small scale businesses. Under the individual products, there is the Pacis Amani medical cover that covers both outpatient and maternity charges.

In business products, the insurance company has corporate medical cover, marine insurance as well as general covers under fire and burglary.


There are a wide variety of companies that offer health insurance covers both to individuals and companies. In this article, we have delved into the details of the remaining insurance companies that offer medical covers. Earlier on we had also published best medical insurance companies in Kenya. These 2 articles cover all the insurance companies in Kenya that offer medical covers at an affordable rate to Kenyans and operate under ethical grounds.

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