Most Marketable Courses in Kenya 2020

Today, we are going to look at a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya in 2020.

It is the dream of every parent to have their kids in employment immediately after graduating.

The courses we are going to look at today are based on the emerging trends in the market. Therefore, it is almost certain that at the end of the course you will be able to get even just an internship.

List of Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

Here is a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya and the sessions and after that discuss each course in detail.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Security & Forensics
  2. Degree in Clinical Medicine
  3. Bachelor of Science (BSc.), Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  4. Degree in Computer Science
  5. Bachelor of Film & Animation
  6. B.SC in (Economics and Statistics)
  7. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  8. BSc. in Quantity Surveying
  9. BSc. Geospatial Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Law
  11. Digital Marketing

Let’s now delve into details below:

1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Security & Forensics

Currently, there is a very high demand for forensic investigators and cybersecurity specialists. The most top threat has been on banking institutions.

Those who enroll for this course will learn intensively how to deploy and design preventive systems to secure Information systems from hackers. Moreover, one will be taught how to do continuous surveillance for internet computing systems and other online sites.

To be a hot selling graduate in this professional field, one has to enrol in cybersecurity certifications such as :

  • CCNA Security
  • CEH

These certifications are offered in institutions such as TechnoBrain Kenya and Computer Pride.

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Currently, the Strathmore University and Meru University are the only Well known Universities offering this course.

Secure Room in an Organization

2. Degree in Clinical Medicine

Can you remember when you were a young kid in primary school and always dreamed of being a doctor? This is the course you would have taken if you had racked those A’s in high school. However, it might not be too late for you who are seeking this information.

Some of the institutions offering this course include:

  • Mt. Kenya University
  • Egerton University
  • Kenyatta University
  • Kenya Methodist University
Stethoscope – a medical tool

3. Bachelor of Science (BSc.), Telecommunication & Information Engineering

Have you ever wanted to work for Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in Africa? Or have you always dreamed of working with Zuku? Here is the degree for you to get you a job in those firms.

This course cuts across information technology and telecommunications. This course curriculum will cover the telecoms network, circuits, calculus, drawing, among other practical units.

Other specializations covered include image and signal processing, mobile cellular, Tele-traffic engineering, engineering project as well as optical communications, among others.

Many universities are offering this course such as TUK, DeKUT, Strathmore, JKUAT, Multimedia University as well as Moi University.

marketable courses in kenya

4. Marketable courses in Kenya – BSc. Computer Science

This degree is for anyone who has ever had an interest in software engineering and computer administration. Anyone interested in this course should be very good at analytical thinking and mathematics.

This course specializes in Software engineering, computer games, systems management, neural systems as well as artificial intelligence. With the advent of technology and the use of computers in workplaces, anyone who has any knowledge of computer science will not lack a job opportunity.

This course is offered in:

  • Egerton University
  • UoN
  • Karatina University
  • DeKUT
  • Multimedia University
  • Nazarene University
  • KU
  • The University of Kabianga
  • Kirinyaga University
  • Taita Taveta University
  • Maasai Mara University
  • Chuka University
  • Laikipia University
Code Written by a Software Engineer

5. Bachelor of Film & Animation

Part of the curriculum for this degree course includes Camera operation, screenwriting, Directing, sound designs, film editing, cinematography, commercial production, 3D design, video development, as well as media ethics.

The Kenyan film industry is rapidly growing as more people venture into this business. This, therefore, means that there will be the need for digital animators, Film directors, filmmakers as well as producers. Through pursuing your passion in this course, you will be able to join this budding industry.

USIU – Africa, MKU as well as Multimedia University are some of the universities offering this course.

6. B.SC in (Economics and Statistics)

This course has always been famous and marketable. However, in the recent past, there has been an increased need for professionals who have spectacular analytical skills. Most companies are using data to make crucial decisions, therefore creating a need for those people who have these qualifications.

To be extra competitive, one has to take up a professional course. Such as CPA, CIFA, SPSS, MATLAB, SAS, Stata.

The University of Nairobi is among the many other universities offering this course.

7. Marketable courses in Kenya – Bachelor of Pharmacy

All hospitals need a pharmacist, be it a private hospital or a public one. Moreover, Pursuing this profession may also enable one to employ themselves as they can own their chemist or drug stores.

Some of the significant universities offering this course include Mt. Kenya University, the University of Nairobi, USIU Africa, and, Kenyatta University.

marketable courses in kenya

8. BSc. in Quantity Surveying

This course is the gateway to being employed by the government through its many agencies. In Kenya, it ranks among the best on the list of the most marketable courses in 2019. The most basic way to explain the work of a quantity surveyor is that he manages all the costs for an infrastructural project.

The Technical University of Kenya, as well as Jomo Kenyatta University, are some of the leading universities currently offering this course.

9. BSc. Geospatial Engineering

The geospatial engineering course is a gem in the country at the moment. This is why it makes it to the top of the list of the most marketable courses.  A Geospatial engineer is someone who uses emerging technology such as laser mapping, Satellite Imagery, and computing systems to get highly interconnected geographical information.

Additionally, this information is used for developing disaster relief plans, zonal mapping, as well as finding out project feasibilities.

This course is only offered at KU and the University of University.

10. Bachelor of Law

Law has never been left out among the most marketable courses offered in Kenyan Universities. There are a lot of Law Firms in Kenya that are looking for people to hire at the moment. It’s worth noting, the search does not end with Law firms, and companies also seek to hire good lawyers to represent them.

marketable courses in kenya
Law books – A lawyer’s tool

11. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a course of the future, as more businesses are looking to getting online, the need for digital marketers increase.

The best thing about digital marketing courses is that you don’t need to be employed, you can start your agency easily. You can also learn Digital Marketing at home on the internet.

Marketable Courses in Kenya Conclusion

It is essential to make sure that whichever course you seek to pursue fits your passions and abilities. This will ensure that you go to greater heights to achieving all the project requirements.

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