Mount Kenya University student portal

Mount Kenya University is among the leading private Universities that are accessible to the common mwananchi. Mount Kenya University Students Portal is to make students lives easier.

As the University Motto goes, ‘Unlocking infinite Potential’, It has surely done so over the past few years it has been in existence. As an addition to the recent series on various university student portals.

Today we are going to look at the Mount Kenya student portal. Things like how to create an account as well as how to access its services.

How to create an account in the Mount Kenya student portal

The University student portal is the simplest among the other 2 portals which we had discussed earlier. Its interface is very simple and easy to understand even to those not familiar with the portal world.

Here is how to go about creating an account:

  • Visit the University website
  • Click on the Student Menu
  • Then select student portal
  • The page will redirect you to the Mount Kenya University Student portal page
  • At the center of the page, you will see student log in
  • All you need to log in is your admission no and password

The most interesting and unique feature of this application is that one is able to generate a letter of offer by just inputting their application reference number.

Simple and short ways to help one get an offer letter. For some universities, one may be required to travel to their main campuses in order to be able to generate this letter.

Moreover, apart from the interesting fact mentioned above, there are other functionalities of the Student portal.

Other Uses of the Mount Kenya University Student Portal:

  1. Update information – remember the way in which the information provided during the reporting date at the university was never updated? Mount Kenya University has a way to update this data from the student’s end rather than having to write a letter.
  2. Fees statement- One is able to get an update fee statement from the portal, any Mpesa statements for fees paid through Mpesa, as well as fee balance statements.
  3. From the portal, a student is also able to access his class timetable for the semester as well as an examination timetable at the end of the semester.
  4. Also not forgetting the fact that one can be able to access their academic transcripts through the portal.
  5. Course registration can also be done through the portal
  6. The other special feature provided by this portal is that a student can be able to make a special request through the system and also get a response from the system.
  7. One may also book a hostel through this portal also.

Mount Kenya University is Iso Certified and has its main campus located at Thika. The University is aimed at ensuring the progressive good of the community through promoting the development of human resources.

The University has campuses sprawled all over the country as it works towards the actualization of its goals.

Mount Kenya University started as Thika Institute of Technology which provided computer outreach programs. In 2000, the college was turned into a commercial college. Later in 2005, the Univesity became the first private University to be allowed to train pharmaceutical technologists.

Mount Kenya University campuses

The University has many campuses, located all over the country. Here is a list of some.

  • Nairobi Campus located at MKU towers
  • Parklands Law Campus
  • Mombasa campus located at MKU towers Nkrumah road
  • Nakuru campus located at Great Rift plaza
  • Nkubu/Meru campus at Majani towers
  • Eldoret campus
  • Kakamega campus
  • Kisii campus
  • Odel center at Nyeri

Mount Kenya University also has a campus outside Kenya which is called the Kigali campus in Rwanda. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the University is the widest spread private University. This means that it has campuses in almost all the 47 counties.


It is very hard to deny how much technology has made our lives easier. It really doesn’t matter whether you are the student, lecturer or administrator.

One does not have to spend a lot of time doing repetitive administrative work, while they could invest their time doing life-saving research. All I can conclude with is More power to technology.

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