How to Register for the NHIF Linda Mama Cover

NHIF Linda mama is an initiative by the government of Kenya that seeks to improve efficiency and performance on maternal and child health care.

The free maternity allows pregnant women to access NHIF benefits in a single package comprising of antenatal care, deliveries, postnatal care and care for the newborn within one year.

Point to note: Being an NHIF contributor and registering for the free maternity services are two different things. As for the contributor, you stand to benefit from many other packages, and that includes the mother’s dependent.

However, with the Linda Mama programme, it’s only the mother and the child who benefit for six months.

NHIF linda mama

How to register to NHIF Linda mama benefit

This cover only available to pregnant women who are Kenyan citizens are eligible to be members of Free Maternal Services. Registration for this programme can either be done via

  • Mobile phone using the USSD code.
  • Through the NHIF registration portal.
  • By visiting contracted health care providers.
  • Or lastly through NHIF service centres located in all Huduma centres countrywide.

Registration requirements

  • Pregnant women of age 18 years and above are registered using their national identification cards and Antenatal care records. While for those are under the age of 18 years are registered using their guardians’ national identification cards and Antenatal care record.
  • Pregnant women without national identification cards or guardians will be registered using Antenatal care records.

How to register

To register on your phone via USSD;

  • Dial *263# on your mobile phone.
  • A pop-up menu will be displayed.
  • Select option 1 “Registration”
  • Choose your language on the next menu
  • Next, select the scheme you want to register to, as, for our case, we’ll choose option 2 “Free Maternity”.
  • Select Kenyan Id as the method of identification and enter your national ID number on the next menu.
  • A membership card is issued upon successful completion of the registration process.

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