Online Jobs in Kenya That Actually Pay You (2018 Update)

The internet has provided online jobs for many people in Kenya and around the world. We are living in a global village and there is always someone somewhere who could use your skill(s).

If you are looking for an Online Job in Kenya that will pay you, then read on. We explore how you can work online in Kenya and make a living out of it.

From online data entry jobs in Kenya to online transcription jobs in Kenya. We will highlight different ways in which you can make money online working from home in Kenya

Here are the different types ways of Working Online in Kenya.

  1. By Writing Jobs for clients across the world
  2. Through Transcription
  3. You can work by doing Graphics Design
  4. Doing Online Research & Data Entry Jobs
  5. Designing Websites and Mobile Applications

Types of Online Jobs in Kenya

Working Online in KenyaThese days it is so hard to get employed more so if you are fresh from school. The economy on the other end is not smiling at us anymore and generally, life is becoming harder and tougher for the average citizens.

The economy on the other end is not smiling at us anymore and generally, life is becoming harder and tougher for the average citizens.

This has led to the élite youth and old alike to look for alternatives to eke a living.

Working Online in Kenya is not new, but all I can say there is an increase in the number of the people who are joining the online workforce and others are leaving their jobs to venture into this so-called online industry.

On the other end of the economy, technology has made it easier for people to start working online in Kenya, the laying down of fiber optic cables has seen rapid reductions in internet charges and faster internet connectivity opening up the expanse web of opportunities to Kenyans.

Let us now focus on Working Online in Kenya and know what it entails.

There are many opportunities and jobs online, but geography plays a key role in determining what work you can be involved in.

Generally in countries like the US; working online involves many aspects that I will not cover in this post. But in our context (The Kenyan Context), what exactly do you think Working Online is all about? Well, I will explain in the sections below.

Working Online in Kenya

There are plenty of activities online for Kenyans other than Facebooking and Tweeting all the time online. One very good one being Blogging where some serious Kenyans are making money.

However, the large number of Kenyans online do work online in various Freelancing channels. Outlined below is what many Kenyans who work online actually do.

Online Writing Jobs in Kenya

I can safely say that working online in Kenya is majorly dominated by writing jobs, many Kenyans who work online basically do write usually on freelancing sites across the web.

Writing jobs are of the different nature and the most common jobs taken by Kenyans are broadly classified as Article Writing and Academic Writing.

Kenyans are not only blessed to be runners but also writers and we write in the following fields.

Article writing where to find Jobs:

This is so straight forward if you are good with writing and have the passion you can try writing online content. All you have to do is find one or multiple online accounts, create a profile and look for work to write.

I have compiled a list of sites many Kenyans are using to work online through writing. The only advice I will give is you sign up and take time on one of the sites to understand it. Do exams and start applying for jobs, test it for some time and if it works for you that is fine than trying all at once where you will fail miserably.

Academic Writing:

I will try to differentiate the two, Article writing can encompass academic writing if you like it that way. There are many lazy college students abroad who only sit for exams and pay some people to do their homework’s, thesis, and other academic papers at a fee. Kenyans being the bright lot find these jobs satisfying enough.

The Following are places online where Kenyans get Academic Writing Jobs

There are plenty of Academic Writing Sites out there and the pay varies from one site to another.

Read more about online writing jobs


This seems like a new hot topic in Kenya now and every new person joining the online workforce will try out at transcription.

Basically, Transcription involves writing down what one person speaks, as an online job your work will be to listen to audio and videos and write down the conversations.

You need to have good listening skills and be fast to typing and able to understand the accents of the speakers.

It is not as easy as conventional writing jobs but with time it is the best and lucrative among the online writing jobs.

There are plenty of sites that allow Kenyans to sign up with each and start working online, below are just a few where you can find Jobs.

Requirements for Working Online

The following are what you will need to start working Online:

1. A Computer – A desktop or laptop will do, I am yet to know anyone who works online using a phone.

2. Internet Connectivity – The term online says it, you will need good internet. Try Orange Unlimited offer, or else ZUKU is cheap in some places in Nairobi with as low as 2000 per Month.

Safaricom and Airtel internet are good too. When it comes to Transcription choose one that is Fast to be able to download audio and sometimes video files.

3. Headphones – For transcribers, this is your basic tool, don’t use PC speakers or other external speakers because of the interference from the surroundings.

4. Time

5. Work Hard and Smart

IMPORTANT: Working as a freelancer will sometimes require you to write proposals or bids in order to win the job, you will be competing with other freelancers from different countries for that important job.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen there are many people Working Online in Kenya.

The internet brings along good opportunity as well as bad ones. If you find a deal online where you are lured by the prospects of making money easily I will ask you to please run because that is an internet scam.

There is no easy cash online but with hard work and being smart will earn you something, everybody who works online in Kenya will tell you that Hard Work Pays.

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