Online Writing Jobs For College Students

Online writing jobs can come in handy at times, especially for college students with unstable incomes.

However, finding a legitimate online job can be tricky at times. While looking for online writing jobs always be keen on the person, you are working with. Also, make sure they are genuine.

There are hundreds of online jobs in Kenya that you can do, for example, article writing, transcribing and academic writing.

For most of these jobs, all you need is a laptop, good command of the English language and your time.

Today I have compiled several online jobs you can do as a college student that can pay you off much.

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Online Writing Jobs For College Students

1. Transcription

Transcription needs little to no experience at all. Good typing speed and proper grammar are enough to make you an excellent transcriber.

It involves listening to transcribed tapes, most of which are verbal and writing them out in a language that is preferred.

You must have a keen listening skill and a great understanding of different language dialects as this will be crucial in your translation of the correct information when typing.

Depending on the employer, you can earn up to Ksh300 per video/audio clip you transcribe. If you lucky enough to do three to five, that means you have your pocket money good enough.

2. Academic Writing

Academic writing is an online form of writing that entails doing assignments or projects for other students and earn money in return.

You can offer to do homework for fellow students in college at a fee for a start. Once you advance, you can find an employer who does online writing for more prominent clients.

Alternatively, you can buy your account, and with the time you will have huge profits.

3. CV writing

You can work online as a CV reviewer for students who are applying for their first-time jobs or anyone else who needs a professional tweak.

Especially during the long holidays, most college students use that time to look for short term jobs. they will mostly have you give their cv a right touch

4. Blogging

You can start writing online as a blogger. Especially when in college, you can easily find cheaper hands on the blog.

From hiring a friend to design the website, a friend to a friend to suggest the themes and writing style and you are good to go.

You can blog about fashion or anything that is of your interest and with you only need to choose a topic that offers clear value to readers.

Focus on the things that sell the most on the campus. Students will pick on a fashion blog, creative writing or somethings that make them off classwork.

If you create a go-to source of information in your niche, you can earn money through relevant advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

With proper planning and time management, you can write for and promote your blog in your spare time, and earn passive income all day when readers visit your site.

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5. Freelance Writer or Editor

With freelance writing, You can make your schedule. You can pick your gigs and set your rates. The best part is you get paid to write about almost anything!

Making money researching and writing about your current hobbies and passions or just having to sit, edit and publish someone else’s work for money is satisfying.

Working as a freelance online writer in college can be one best gig to generate money your way.

To get such jobs, all you need is an excellent motivational letter you can use to pitch to your clients.

As a starter you can create a standard google alert for freelance writing jobs and from the options, you will get send through your cv.

You can as well register for online writing with accounts like Upwork, and whenever a client sends in article requests, you can be hired.

6. Coding

This is one of the most in-demand skills now and for the future. If you are good at a particular coding language like Python or Java, you can find all kinds of work-at-home opportunities.

You can place proposals on  Automattic where you would meet employers and get to work on projects related to WordPress blogs and plugins.

7. Captioner

As a captioner, you get paid to watch videos and make times captions that sync perfectly with the audio of the video.

Especially for startups that are unable to hire someone on a retainer, you can propose to do captions for their videos, billboards or youtube adverts.

8. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, your role will be creating content for social media accounts.

This is purely a form of online writing that involves posting the content and reviewing the accounts from the time.

This does not require a lot of skills to master, and it is easy.

You can work for as many people as you want. The good thing with social media is that you can schedule posts and move into doing other things.

Here are 17 social media tools that will help you save time and manage social media profiles for your clients more efficiently.

9. Search engine evaluator

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have so much going on in the background to stay functional that they need people to help them correct problems or errors that come up.

For instance, google maps, at times, get errors and need someone from the back end from time to time to get an accurate location.

This is an easy job for college students to make more money. You can use Leapforce to find employment related to helping search engines.

10. Product reviews

You can work online to review products for companies. Product reviews can range from virtual to third party review where you compile feedback for users and do a review.

This work is easy, and you can do it in your free time. This is easy for as it doesn’t interfere with the typical college routines.

Clients mostly will give a timeline of one month or more which is enough for you to plan ahead of time.

Online Writing Jobs For College Students: Conclusion

while online writing is a fascinating deal, there are some chances of falling directly into the hands of scammers.

There is no easy cash online but with hard work and being smart will earn or learn something.

Online jobs, however shady they sound they prepare you for life after college. The little amount you saved when it comes to earning a bigger salary, you will have an easy time o save.

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