How to Start a Profitable Daycare Business in Kenya

In this article, I will take you through simple steps to follow while setting up a profitable daycare business in Kenya with little capital.

Due to the number of Kenyan parents looking to take their babies to a reliable daycare centre is increasing by the day.

Getting a reliable domestic manager is becoming harder and harder as days go by because they are increasingly unreliable when it comes especially to working parents.

Parents want to feel at ease when they go about their daily chores and not have to think about their babies not being okay.

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If you have been following local news lately, domestic managers have become expensive, according to the law, they are also entitled to benefits such as annual leave and NHIF deductions.

This is an investment opportunity people need to look into, there is always a ready market for your services, but I have to tell you that this job is not like any other job, it is a calling.

How to start a daycare business in Kenya

Here is how you can start a very profitable daycare business in Kenya.

Maintain Professionalism

If and when you decide to open a daycare centre in Kenya, you need to take it as a business and not a hobby that will help you pass the time.

It should not only be professionally run but also have your full attention because the toddlers you are looking after are more or less your clients.

Personnel working in the daycare business must be professionally trained in areas such as first aid, early childhood education and safety and care of children.

While recruiting for the centre, you need to identify people you can entrust with children, demand for references and a certificate of good conduct.

If your staff is professional, your clients, that is the children will be happy, and by extension, their parents will be return clients.

Depending on the size of child-care business you wish to operate, you may need to hire additional staff to help you with the daily operation of your facility.

daycare business in Kenya

Get your daycare business licensed

Get yourself licensed once you have your investment business plan at hand.

First, contact your local authority to determine what legal requirements are needed to take off. You will also need to register the business with the Kenya Revenue Authority to get a business KRA PIN.

You will also need to get healthy and safety clearance from the relevant authorities. Liability insurance is a must-have to protect your property as well as the children you are looking after.

Find a good location for the daycare centre

Some people prefer to run the daycare centre from their homes which are okay, that said, this step for them is complete.

For daycare centres is located in different locations other than your home. You need to consider factors such as budget, accessibility, as well as demand for services in the area.

You need to make sure that your daycare business is easily accessible to potential parents as well as your staff. To make a profit, you will need to find an inexpensive house as well as a location where parents need these services. (High-end areas, estates, around jobs without creches)

You will also need to prioritize the security; parents want to feel that their children are secure throughout the day.
Make sure your daycare business is close to social amenities like hospitals, clinics and police stations. daycare home

Market your daycare business

Most people, while investing always start small; this doesn’t mean that you will not grow at some point. What I have learnt from motherhood is that word of mouth when it comes to fellow parents is very powerful.

Make sure your neighbours, fellow church members, your circle know about your new daycare centre venture.

Have a presence on social media, trend lightly; however, on this as the privacy of the children is vital. You can have a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Also, you can work on a blog about your day to day experiences. Also, consider having a website where parents can refer to in case they want to check you out.
Make the website attractive and elaborate.

social media

Make the daycare centre fully equipped and habitable

When it comes to toddlers, hygiene and cleanliness are key, DO NOT COMPROMISE.

Make sure the space at the daycare business is well maintained and clean. Also, ensure that the food is freshly prepared.

For those who carry their snacks, make sure they are also feeding in a hygienic area. Make sure the daycare business is child-friendly by making it look homely for the toddlers.

daycare business in Kenya

Make sure you have the following necessary equipment in your centre

  1. Engaging toys like dolls, watercolours, finger paints, building blocks and puzzles.
  2. Necessary educational materials like storybooks, charts and exercise books
  3. Furniture, such as chairs, tables, nap mats, stools, and chalkboard
  4. Appliances, e.g., refrigerator, microwave, buckets, kitchenware, and utensils
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