Strange And Fascinating Facts about Kenya

Whether you are a Kenyan citizen or a foreigner, just how much do you know about Kenya? Here are the strangest, fascinating yet true Facts about Kenya.  Kenya is an African country that is geographically placed in East Africa. It is harbored by the India Ocean and is one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa since it enjoys salient beaches and magnificent 5star hotels.

Besides being an African Country, Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies both in Africa and in the world. Kenya is mainly known for its many inventions among them M-Pesa which is the most successful mobile money transfer platform.

Such innovation has seen the country to be referred to as the Silicon savanna of Africa. Kenya scoops most of the African innovation competitions like the recently concluded Visa Everywhere competition where Kenyan innovators won the top Prize in Fintech innovation.

What will shock most people is the fact that there is no true meaning of the word Kenya. All there is are a number of myths that explain how the name could have come to be but there is not any one of them that is formally recognized as the meaning of the word Kenya. All the myths, however, site Mt. Kenya as the name from which the word Kenya was formed.

Kenya is home to over 43 tribes which makes it one of the most diverse societies in Africa. Over 43 tribes thrive in the country making it one of the culturally rich countries in Africa. The most recognized tribe is the Maasai who have barely changed their traditions for centuries.

Facts about Kenya

Kenya is home to the second highest mountain in Africa

Kenya is home to the second highest mountain in Africa Mt Kenya. The mountain is popular for its snowy peak which is a phenomenon in this part of the world where people barely know what snow is.  The mountain is located in the central province of Kenya which is agriculturally productive and harbors a significant percentage of the country’s forest cover.

Did you know that Kenya is the homeland to Barak Obama the former American President? Kenya has played its part in producing the best of leaders, actors and athletes.

As a country, Kenya is known for its proficiency in athletics where Kenyans often scoop the top prizes. Among the famous actors, Kenya has produced are Lupita Nyong’o and Eddie Gathegi.

It is only in Kenya where you can have breakfast with giraffes. Most tourists come to Kenya to experience nature and for sure they get the best of it in Kenya. As home to several national parks, Kenya is an amusing jungle.

More Facts about Kenya

The capital city Nairobi is the only city in the world that has a National Park within it. You could give your kids a memorable vacation by taking breakfast with some giraffes or a safari in the many national parks spread across the country.

Kenya is an equatorial country. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few countries that are dissected by the equator. As such, Kenya has only two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. For a long time agriculture has been the main economic activity in Kenya but the knowledge-based economy is steadily gaining momentum.

Kenya boasts of being home to the first African woman to ever win the Nobel pace price and that is Professor Wangari Maathai. Kenya also boasts of being home to East and central Africa’s largest airport namely Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The Great Rift Valley found in Kenya was formed about twenty million years ago when the crust of the earth was split. There is a great disparity between the rich and the poor in Kenya. The rich are very rich while the poor are very poor.

The earliest known remains of human fossils were discovered about 2000 BC in Kenya. It is therefore thought that Kenya could be the cradle of mankind. That is why Black Panther’s homeland ‘Wakanda’ is thought to be in Kenya around Lake Turkana.

Finally, Kenya is one of the countries that enjoys over ¾ of the world fresh water from Lake Victoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Turkana among other small lakes like Baringo.

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