Strathmore University Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Parents want the best for their kids when it comes to educations. But only a few institutions in Kenya are able to keep up with high levels of discipline in school.

This is a Strathmore University Academic Calendar. Strathmore University is, however, one of the best universities in the country that delivers highly disciplined graduates to the workforce.

Strathmore University Academic Calendar

Universities are notorious for all kinds of misconduct and indiscipline among the students. However, this does not apply to Strathmore.

The institution has managed to build a good name by facilitating equality and discipline among all students. The downside, however, is that there is a price to pay to be an alumna of this great institution.

For those aspiring to join the Strathmore University and for the continuing students, this is a reminder of the 2018-2019 academic year calendar. Strathmore University Academic Calendar serves as an information source.

It is also an important factor for planning student documents, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organizations.

As you will see, the Strathmore University Academic Calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates and more.

Strathmore University Academic Calendar

JULY 2018 Intake and Continuing Students


July 2018 Orientation                        3rd July 2018 – 6th July 2018

Classes                                              9th July 2018 – 8th October 2018

Study Break                                      9th October 2018 – 12th October 2018

Examinations                                    15th October 2018 – 26th October 2018

Holidays                                               Sports Day- 24th August 2018

Mashujaa Day- 20th October 2018


Class 1- 2018                                     6th November 2018 – 20th December 2018

Class 2 – 2019                                    7th January 2019 –22nd February 2019

Study Break                                      25th February 2019 – 1st March 2019

Examinations                                    4th March – 15th March 2019

Holidays                                                Jamhuri Day 12th December 2018

Evening Programme Diploma/ Undergraduate / Masters


Classes                                              2nd May 2018 – 3rd August 2018

Study Break                                      4th August 2018 – 10th August 2018

Examinations                                    13th August 2018 – 25th August 2018

Holidays                                               Madaraka Day- 1st June 2018

Eid- el-Fitr- 16th June 2018

Sports Day 24th August 2018


Classes                                              3rd September 2018 – 30th November 2018

Study Break                                      1st December 2018 – 4th December 2018

Examinations                                    5th December 2018 – 19th December 2018

Mashujaa Day- 20th October 2018

Jamhuri Day- 12th December 2018


Classes                                              3rd January 2019 – 29th March 2019

Study Break                                      30th March 2019 – 4th April 2019

Examinations                                    8th April 2019 – 20th April 2019

Christmas Break Friday 21st December 2018(1pm) – 2nd January 2019

Happy holidays

Staff Reporting- 3rd January 2019

January Intake 2019- 4th January 2019

Continuing Evening Students- 3rd January 2019

Continuing Fulltime Students- 7th January 2019

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