Top 8 Best Blogging Platforms to Create a Free Blog


Find the best blogging platforms and choose your favorite, NOTE: They are not in any sequential order so the choice is definitely yours.

In these digital times, everyone is supposed to have a blog, every business should have a blog and yes every website should also have a blog. However, many people believe that creating a blog and operating one is very expensive.

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No, it is not, we at have solutions that will fit your budget and enable you to build a professional blog in no time and maybe make some money with your blog.

Many bloggers like me started our blogging career with free blogs and look where we are, so if you have no budget but really want a blog, I will reduce your pain and agony of identifying a free blogging platform for your next blog.

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Best Blogging Platforms for Creating a Free Blog

I know blogs are the greatest innovation that the publishing industry has ever seen. Thus arose various blogging platforms that allow you to create a blog in minutes. Here is a list of the best blogging platforms in 2019.

1. WordPress

wordpressWordPress is the most popular open source (free) blogging platform existing.. If you want to become a WordPress user, you have the option of setting up a blog on your own server (self-hosted) or creating a blog hosted on will allow you to create a free blog and start blogging immediately, so the address to your blog will be

To change to a custom domain i.e you have to pay and this will enable you to have a professional looking blog. However to get the full service of the platform and be able to add more functionality you have the options of upgrading or seek a self-host company and install WordPress available from

2. Blogger


Blogger is also among the most popular blogs and a free blogging platform most widely used for a long across the world. It is owned by Google a leading internet company in the world. Blogger was the main choice of a blogging platform before the rise of WordPress. It is very easy to use Blogger and takes no more than 15 minutes so you can create your blog.

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Blogger will allow you to monetize your blog through Google’s own Adsense that easily integrates with Blogger, however, your blog has to meet a set of requirements in order to be accepted into Adsense program.

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3. Tumblr


Recently, Tumblr was sold to Yahoo for the paltry sum of $ 1 billion and continues to grow its popularity.

Tumblr is focused on short and frequent posts, which are usually larger than an update of Twitter, but not so in-depth and are formal as a regular blog to which we are accustomed.

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Precisely because it is a micro-blog Tumblr is perfect for those who do not have much time to devote to their blog.

Best Blogging Platforms continuation

4. HubPages


Hubpages is a free blogging platform which is very useful and popular. The Hubpages is one of the 100 most visited internet sites and even allows you to make money from advertising and affiliate marketing. You do not need technical knowledge to use this service. With Hubpages, it is very easy to publish your blog for free.

5. LiveJournal


The Livejournal is a virtual diary that is proud to have many features that are only found in more complex blogging platforms.

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In your Livejournal blog, you can have multiple authors, it allows comments, posts and polls calendars.

6. Weebly


Started in 2006, Weebly has since been providing solutions for those who want to create a blog or even a simple free site.

To create a free blog at Weebly, you simply create an account, then log in and choose one among a lot of free templates available.

The Weebly has been hailed as the best and easiest free service to create a blog or free website.


logging platforms is a blogging platform with all key features of the other blogging platforms. By creating a blog on this platform, you will be using the as your domain type. offers solutions so you can create a blog for free and with a monthly payment will be added some benefits that are available only to paid members.

8. Edublogs

Blogging Platforms

Are you a student or a teacher? then Edublogs may be the best option for you. Edublogs is a blogging platform popular and widely used for educational services.

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The Edublogs platform allows you to create and manage blogs quickly, customize their designs and include videos, photos, and podcasts easily and securely.

Founded in 2005, Edublogs has about 1.864.00 blogs on their platform. The Edublogs is a true educational community, so the Universities of Stanford and Cornell Universities among others make use of this service for educational purposes.

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