How to fill the TSC wealth declaration form 2020 Update

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TSC wealth declaration for employed teachers is paramount. This applies to the employed public servants and those seeking government jobs. This is a move adopted by the government as a way of fighting corruption thorough the evaluation of one’s property.

If one cannot account for what they own, they probably acquired it in a corrupt manner.

Still, the government will be able to assess one’s wealth before and after joining a public office to establish if there was a misuse of public resources.

Teachers are among the public servants who will benefit from the virtual declaration of their wealth through an online platform.

The Official TSC portal allows teachers to easily declare their wealth is a straightforward process.

You may also like TSC payslip online registration to register and download your payslip online. From the TSC portal, teachers can access the declaration of income, assets and liabilities forms.

Also, read Teacher’s service commission salary scales.

TSC wealth declaration procedure

Here is how to declare your wealth on TSC portal

  • To begin the process, Teachers should visit the official TSC website here
  • Then click on the online services menu
  • Go to Teachers Online Services submenu
  • Here, you will be redirected to
  • Click on the Declaration of Assets, Income, and Liabilities
  • You will be prompted to enter your TSC number
  • Enter your TSC number and click next
  • Sign Up by entering your correct contact details’
  • Use your TSC number and password to log in
  • Read all the instructions and click NEXT
  • Fill in the TSC wealth declaration form where you will be required to enter your wealth details and that of your spouse

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to enter your dependants and spouses’ details as required while declaring one’s wealth.

Finally, as you can see, the platform is user-friendly and straightforward. However, if you have any problem filling the forms, feel free to contact TSC support team through 0202892052



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