10 tips to get a government tender


When competing for a governmental tender it becomes quite hard to secure it especially if you are operating a small business. Below are tips to get a government tender hustle free.

Big business invasion in the field becomes a great obstacle as most government sectors are more comfortable dealing with a big corporation which they are sure will deliver rather than an unknown start-up.

Youths now, more than ever, have the opportunity to win tenders that are set aside for them after the government directed that 30 per cent of all government tenders be given to youths, women and persons with disabilities.

This, however, remains an elusive promise to most young people as they lack information on how to win the tenders.

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Tips to get a government tender

1. Get prepared

Getting prepared involves processes like researching the background of the institution, its past financial statements, how long and how they pay for tenders among other tendering information.

You should also consider checking the information they ask for in case you are to be awarded the tender.

Most tenders are not bided without a fee. You should also inquire about the fee required for the tender.

This fee is always non-refundable and application without it may result in an automatic cancellation.

Preparing your company documents such as your portfolio, with your financial statements and past tenders if any can give you a head start.

Getting prepared also entails making sure you know the exact date and time when all bids will be opened.

This is a very crucial part of the process as can assist you to know what really made either get or lose the tender.

2. Follow tender instructions

Tenders include response forms which set strict word limits and ask questions geared towards seeking ideal responders.

Make sure you read any prompts and instructions before you set pen to paper.

3. Provide accurate details

Consider the required and expected details in the tender documentation.

Often they will request information including your insurance details, pricing tables, and intellectual property rights.

Material such as your company profile, capability statement, any proposed changes to conditions, and contracts may not be explicitly asked for, however, are often an indication of a powerful bid.

4. Do not relent to spend some cash

This might sound ridiculous but the tender process is quite expensive. Spending on tender documents, advertising your company or preparing to present your bid is just part of the process.

Remember this is a governmental institution and bureaucracy is something that you will meet more frequently than you are probably thinking.

This also calls for patients, many governmental institutions will pre-qualify annually or bi-annually thus you might take time before realizing the profits from tendering.

This, however, should not stop you from biding and following up on the whole process.

5. Special tenders

Some tenders are specifically designed to suit specific groups of suppliers. This might be either the youths, Women or persons with disability.

The thirty per cent can be accessed by registering under the access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).

Incorporating these groups of citizens might also help you secure the tenders which are less competitive and easier to get access to all the same.

6. Complete the document in full

This is very important so that you don’t leave anything out.

You should also feel free to inquire if anything is unclear and request for any relevant information that may assist you in filling in the tender document.

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7. Do your research

Before you make contact with a prospective client, it’s important to conduct your own research.

Use your researching skills to find out everything you can about the company’s market, organisation, team, and affairs.

Sometimes you will need to use your network to gain relevant insights.

8. Tips to get a government tender|: Collaboration

Although many small businesses are reluctant to collaborate, this might be a choice that may help you secure tenders that you could not serve on your own especially as a small business.

Getting out a part of the tender is also better than losing the whole tender all the same.

Moreover stating that you will use subcontractors as part of the delivery do not lessen your chances of getting the tender but will only shoe you are more prepared to service it once you get it.

9. Consider Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Every company should have a central idea running through all areas of business, which is usually communicated through the company or product tagline.

Common objectives are quality, trust, or innovation. Find yours by thinking about what lies at the heart of your business.

Research what sets you apart from your competitors.

Point of differentiation is all about distinguishing how your services positively differ to those of your competitors.

10. Tips to get a government tender: Keep bidding

Never give up, this might sound like a cliché but all the same, is very true. Do not lose hope, keep bidding.

This is a process that might take a lot of time as more government offices have a lot of bureaucracy and protocol that you cannot hurry through.

However, with persistence you will, sure enough, secure one.

You should also prepare yourself to meet challenges such as corruption although this is quite lower as the Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA), has made sure that public tendering meet the required standards.

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Tips to get a government tender from a procurement official

  1. Always go through the bid documents carefully.
  2. Complete the document in full.
  3. Do a proper cost analysis when calculating your bid prices. Bids calculated too high or too low are considered unresponsive.
  4. Inquire about the bid and obtain all the relevant information before completing the tender document.
  5. Feel free to ask why you were unsuccessful so that you may learn from mistakes made.
  6. Make sure that you are able to meet all the requirements within the specified time and are able to honour your offer in the event that your bid is successful.
  7. Do not make any misinterpretations or false statements in your bid documentation. It is a legal document and therefore enforceable by law.
  8. Quality services and products will improve your track record and good standing with the department. Poor delivery creates a negative impression not only for your business but for all small businesses in general.

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