The 6 best cheap hotels in Mombasa

Planning to visit Mombasa on a budget and wondering where to stay? Well, here are some of the best Cheap hotels in Mombasa.

Mombasa seaport city located on the Kenyan coast is endowed with beautiful sceneries and great views worth remembering.

Both local and international tourists stream in and out of the city ready to adventure and discover more about Mombasa. This has led to the growth of tourism and hotel industry. These two have contributed to the general growth of the country’s economy.

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Numerous hotels have sprung up in the region to enable the industry from as low as $20. In this piece, I am focusing on the six cheap hotels in Mombasa.

The 6 best cheap hotels in Mombasa

Ziwa beach resort

Number one on our list is the Ziwa beach resort. This is a cheap hotel located in Bamburi, approximately 100 meters from the Mombasa marine national park and reserve.

The resort is endowed with spacious rooms of different sizes according to your taste and preferences.

The premise has also installed Free WiFi, enough parking space, and delicacies found onsite. Those who love pets are lucky too because they are allowed in the premise.

Tourists not only get to enjoy the fantastic views of the Indian ocean but also engage in fun activities that come with it. These activities include fishing, windsurfing, diving, canoeing and snorkeling at a small fee.

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With the bustle and hustle of life, a moment of silence at the resort is quite relaxing all coming at an affordable fee of $36 per night.

Cheapest hotels in Mombasa – Danpark hotel and apartments.

cheap hotels in Mombasa

It’s a unique hotel off Malindi road, Mtwapa with apartments within too. It has a three-star rating with an affordable price of $ 36. Some tourists do prefer apartments because of being able to incur their own costs.

You get to enjoy the serene environment and swimming pool as well as the beach which is a five minutes walk from the hotel At a glance it has 52 apartments with air conditioning. It offers free breakfast for the hotel section and has enough parking space. This kind of setting one can travel with friends

The Folks Inn – Changamwe

The Folks Inn luxury apartments

The beautiful hotel is located along the airport road Mombasa. It offers great and affordable services such as room service, laundry service conference facility and a restaurant with great African foods.

A spacious bar/lounge area with free high-speed internet will attract you as well. If you travel you come with your personal vehicle then, worry less, the hotel offers a large parking space with high security.

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The rooms are of different sizes according to preferences and are featured with air conditioning and refrigerators, how cool is that? only at $26 a night.

Ogalis K-coast Hotel – Mtwapa

cheap hotels in Mombasa

Anybody traveling to Mombasa yearns to get to the beach. This hotel might be what you are looking for, not only is it close to the beach but also has an outdoor swimming pool.

Its bordered by beautiful sceneries such as the Haller park and wild waters family entertainment park.

It also provides free transport to and from the airport since its near the beach. The hotel has a three-star rating which comes with a restaurant that offers different African delicacies and cuisines in the form of a buffet. You get to enjoy cold drinks as you relax in the evening’s sunset and serene breeze.

Panaroma garden hotel

You do not want to miss the beautiful views while staying in this hotel. Its location is strategically placed near Moi international airport facing the historical museums.

The rooms are fitted with beds and an ensuite bathroom. Guests do enjoy a variety of food and drink from the bar and restaurant right there.

Cheap hotels in Mombasa – The Manson hotel

Last on our list of cheap hotels in Mombasa is the Manson hotel which is located at the center of the city,  and it’s just a five minutes walk from Uhuru gardens and where the tasks are located. The hotel has a front desk that runs 24 hours and free WiFi installed.

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The rooms here, are complete and are fully equipped with hot water showers, comfortable beds and room service not forgetting they have been provided with an electric teapot, how awesome is that!.

The bar and lounge are just located within it provide different varieties of drinks and foods with a buffet menu style. It has a wide area of parking with full security.

Did I miss anything?

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Now, what about you? Do you have your own list/reviews of cheap hotels in Mombasa? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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