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We all need a reason to do something and sometimes that reason becomes so unclear in our lives that we end up frustrated and not do that what we want or stop along the way if we have already started. Wow, that is so twisted. Anyway this article sets out to explore some of the reasons why you should not stop blogging, these are some blogging tips that might help that one person who is a blogger and feels like quitting or has stopped blogging.

In writing, they use the term “Writers Block!” I think the term remains unchanged in the Blogging industry. Maybe I am wrong, but have you been blogging for sometimes and all of a sudden if not gradual you have the following symptoms:

I’ll stop blogging because I do not have time to update my blog.
I’ll stop blogging because I do not have enough traffic to my blog.
I’ll stop blogging because I can not make money with my blog.
I’ll stop blogging because I am not interested anymore in blogging.
I’ll stop blogging because I’m not interested in my blog niche.

These are the most common reasons why many bloggers will stop and eventually give up on blogging, these are the many excuses to stop blogging. I will try to give you some blogging tips that you can apply if you face the above-mentioned reasons, one by one so that you do not have to explain it to everyone why you stopped.

How to Overcome “Bloggers Block”

I’ll stop blogging because I don’t have the time to update my blog

You say you are busy? but where do you find all that time to check your Facebook account? The blogging tips I will give is that if you are interested in blogging, you can find the time to update your blog, even if you’re too busy. Whatever job you have to do, I think you can find at least an hour for your blog. An hour a day means 30 hours in one month. So if you use that time very effectively, you can do many things for your blog. I found this resource online that really helps me on how often should I update my blog.

I’ll stop blogging because I do not have enough traffic to my blog

If you do not know how to promote your blog, you can not drive traffic to your blog. Hence, you need to learn how to promote a blog. So many bloggers just write content on their blogs and hope by any chance visitors will find your blog. So the blogging tips are so simple.

You need to target a group of people and you have to make the necessary efforts for them to know your blog exists. Create Unique and quality content with a specific focus and you will have lots of traffic you will need to hire a traffic police to control it.

I’ll stop blogging because I can not make money with my blog

If you want to make money with your blog, you should try to make money with it. If you think you writing some posts and placing advertisements in the blog sidebar can make money? Think twice, everything has been said on the first two points, you have to do many other things, like writing quality content, promoting your blog and build relationships with other bloggers to Make Money with your Blog. Well, it takes time and that is another way of saying that you need to have patience.

Read: How Bloggers make money.

I’ll stop blogging because I am not interested in blogging

I’m sorry. If that is so, my friend, you have to stop blogging !!!

This is not only related with blogging; this applies to everything you do. You will not be able to achieve anything in life if you do not take an interest in it..

I’ll stop blogging because I’m not interested in my niche blog

Why did you start your blog in a niche that you are not interested? I do not know why, maybe at some point you would think it was a very profitable niche. Now, what should you do? Start another blog in your favorite niche. It will be very useful for creating a successful blog.

If you feel like you do not have ideas for your posts then you should check this amazing list by Forbes on Generating content.

Final Words on Why you Should Not Stop Blogging

So please and please do not stop blogging, I hope the above are not good points why you should stop blogging at all. If this is not enough I think you need to start following some great blogs like Quick Sprout for some more blogging tips. With the said blogging tips, I hope you find a reason to continue blogging again since blogging is the best thing that ever happened since the Internet.

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