Revealed! How Kenyan Bloggers Make Money Online

With the reduction in internet prices, we have seen an increase in the number of bloggers in Kenya in the last two years. So how do bloggers in Kenya make money?

That has been a question on the mind of many. I will look into them, to start making money as a blogger in Kenya you need:

What you need to Make Money Blogging in Kenya

  1. A blogging platform – There are free platforms, and WordPress is the best
  2. Content – In blogging content is King
  3. Good English or Swahili
  4. Internet
  5. Will to learn – There is no limit to acquiring information
  6. Nabaleka Website – In case you need a blog to be designed by professionals.


I started blogging with no clue at all about making money using my blog in fact if you had asked me back then if people make money online? I would look at you like are you for real?

I did not know anything about how bloggers make money. All I did was following my passion; that is writing, of course, I am not good at it.

But who cares anyway. I learned the secret after blogging for only three years, poor me some guys have been on this thing for decades but again who cares. I make money from it, and that is what matters.

After being at it for three years, I can now dedicate this post to bloggers and anyone interested in knowing these little secrets of how bloggers make money online with their blogs.

The secret is quite simple, and it doesn’t matter where you are since the rules remain the same and the means of earning online remain unchanged till the day aliens begin reading blogs.

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How Do Bloggers Make Money?

There are many ways on how bloggers earn money, but today I will focus on two general methods of how bloggers make money with their blogs.

I will add more ideas in the future so make sure you keep checking this blog for more secrets on making money online.

  1. Selling Advertising space on their blogs
  2. Affiliate Marketing.

1. Selling advertising space blogs

I do not like to use the word “Selling” but prefer “Promote” any way we don’t cover the whole space on our blogs with articles.

There is some space left, so why not allow some people with money to use it and give us their money.

That is the first secret of how bloggers make money by selling advertising space on their blogs.


Google is the internet giant in the world, and they have a program known as Adsense, where millionaires have been made using this program.

It pays the best of all Ad services, Nothing, and no one comes closer to Adsense and is one of the best examples of how bloggers make money especially when it comes to making money with your blog through adverts.


Your blog needs  to have minimum traffic of 100,000 per month for you to be accepted in their program and ones you are approved in Superlinks then, you will be the richest of bloggers since their minimum payout is $100


Considered as the best Adsense alternative among bloggers, if your Adsense application has not been granted or you have been banned, then Adversal is the best option for you.

Adversal is almost similar to Superlinks. However, you need to have a monthly page-views of 50,000 to apply and be accepted; however, they are flexible if your results are on the increase they will allow you.

  • – This one is brought to you by Bing and Yahoo and offers high paying ads; it will be a problem if you have not such good traffic from the USA or the UK. Their ads are similar to Adsense, but you have to request an invite to get approved.
  • Chitika – This is one of the best alternatives to Adsense, it is not difficult to join, and they always try to serve ads relevant to your Niche, I suggest you try them out.
  • Infolinks – This program allows you to earn from the links in your text, known as text ads Infolinks will work if you have no space for ads then this one is for you. I knew of infolinks way back but never tried it before; however, on one of my niche blogs, Infolinks does thoroughly and will recommend it as an example of how bloggers make money online.
  • VigLink – Now this one is my favourite, their concept is different from the rest, it finds products in your texts and turns them into affiliate links, and you earn money when someone buys your product, imagine you write something about apple, it will automatically do the selling for you without messing your design with ads. Join Viglink
  • SkimLinks – Works on the same principle as Viglink above and will turn your outbound links into affiliate links where you will make money when someone performs an action based on your link.
  • Buysellads – I know of these guys who allow you actually to sell ad spaces on your site. They will gather information about your blog and determine if you are eligible, they will open the gates to thousands of advertisers to place their ads on your blog. The best thing about Buysellads is that they pay you well upfront and they also manage everything in the back-end, leaving you with only blogging and making money. I found something about them online; I hope you enjoy it and learn something from the video.

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So if asked how bloggers make money online tell them through advertising, it is the easiest, and the above are the methods they use or show them this post with the following:

2. Affiliate Marketing

First things first, what is affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

If I add my own words, affiliate marketing is where big companies reward you for sending them, customers. So the question is how bloggers make money? Generally, you make money when somebody buys their goods or services through a link they track known as an affiliate link. So you only need a link if you don’t have a website/blog, but if you do, you can as well place adverts on your blog and make money through them. I won’t go into the details but will show you the type of affiliate marketers you can make money from.

How Bloggers Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The first step to making money as an affiliate is to find a Niche for your blog if your blog is one figure it out, choose something you want or are interested in yourself, you need to have good knowledge of what you will be selling to your readers. Generally, these are some of the ways how bloggers make money with affiliate marketing; They research the available affiliate programs in their Niche, this helps them find different products to sell in one place and receive payments through the same program. Rather than having hundreds of programs, they either choose one or two and will only use more if the product they want to sell is not managed by the program they have joined. Some good examples of the best Affiliate Marketing programs include:

  • Shareasale – This is one of the biggest affiliate networks with a range of products you can find and promote on your blog
  • IboAffiliate Network – Probably one of the latest affiliate network with new offers where bloggers are earning good returns.
  • ClickBank – Note: They only allow Affiliates from specific countries
  • Commission Junction
  • Rapbank – I have used this network, and the best part is they pay you instantly via Paypal though you need to have a PayPal account registered as a business which is not a hard thing to get.
  • Amazon Associates
Alternatively, certain products have their affiliate programs managed by themselves; Examples in this category of how bloggers make money include but not limited to:
  • LinkWorth
  • Bluehost
  • Shopify
  • Elegant Themes
  • Themeforest
  • Aweber

You can sign up all of them and find products related to your Blogging Niche and sell them, so how do you sell or promote these products?

  • You can find most of the products have links and banners you may choose to place the banners on your blog as ad spaces or links on your sidebar etc
  • Write product reviews and have your affiliate links in them
  • Just write your regular posts and mention the products in your post giving your readers with links to them
  • Recommend them on social media or in forums where you can link people who are in search of these products

NOTE: The million-dollar question is: How do bloggers make money with hosted blogs such as or

The answer is yes you can, but as explained, you will not use Adverts on since their policies do not allow that, leaving you with affiliate marketing options.

Make money Blogging in Kenya too – What you need

Now that you know how bloggers make money, it is now your turn to understand how to make money with your blog.

You need to know how to leverage the results. After all, it is easy to put AdSense ads on your blog, but that does not miraculously make money for you; you need to know how to make the best out of it.

To do this, I have listed below five steps you should follow to ensure a steady stream of income for you and your business. Check!

1 – Have a professional platform for your blog

First of all, you need to have a blog on a professional platform, to manage it efficiently, ensuring maximum results.

Some prefer Blogger, but none surpasses WordPress. Get a custom domain and maybe get hosting if you are still using the free hosted accounts, i.e. and

2 – Produce Quality Content

Without content, a blog is useless. There is a common phrase on the internet that “Content is King” So write articles that add value to the reader’s life. The higher the whim, the better the results!

If you have no time or knowledge about it, invest in a copywriter; the money will return in the future due to the positive results.

3 – Targeted Audience

Imagine you have a blog about football. Does it pay to have 1000 hits a day of hockey fans? No! The least important is the number of visits; the quality of the audience is critical.

The more targeted for your Niche, the easier it will be to achieve the ideal audience for you. For example, instead of creating a blog on alcoholic drinks, consider choosing wine, beer or whiskey as Niche as your conversion will be much higher from the sale of each product, for example.

4 – Build a list of emails

“The money is in the list”. This is a very famous and very correct sentence. Having a contact list of people who can buy your services or your product is the best way to make money. Lists work magic with affiliate marketing.

To this end, the first tip is capture as much as possible. Provide free books and videos in exchange for the email!

Also, put boxes capture on your blog, be on the side or top. Prioritize the construction of a list, and you will succeed.

Now while we are at it, please leave your email and name in the form below, and I will be sending you more great tips on blogging and the internet world in general, TIA.

5 – Have a good relationship with the public

Finally, work out on relationships with people who are already your customers/readers. Have a Facebook page for your blog, a Twitter account, and so on every blog should have its own Facebook page and Twitter account.

The money will come as a result of the increase in people’s trust in you! Raise your name and the blog, to earn even more money with your business, achieve financial independence and work from home or anywhere you want.

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