Getting to Kenya: All the information you need

Where is Kenya Located

How easy is it getting to Kenya as a tourist? Kenya is an Eastern Africa country that is renowned for its diverse wildlife and beautiful sceneries. It is also believed that Kenya is the cradle of mankind since the oldest fossils were discovered in Kenya. There is a range of activities that visitors can engage in while in Kenya. Read more about that in this article.

Getting to Kenya by air

Traveling to Kenya by air is the fastest and most popular means. One can get in the country through the three international airports. You can also take a cruise and dock on the port of Mombasa.

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Kenya has Three international Airports

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport(( JKIA)) – Nairobi-is the biggest Airport in East and Central Africa, and is the focal point for major aviation activity in the region. JKIA, located 18 kilometers to the East of Nairobi, is served by 49 scheduled airlines. JKIA has direct flight connections to Europe, the Middle East, Far East, the African Continent, and the recently scheduled Kenya to America direct flights.

Moi International Airport(( MBA)). Mombasa-Kenya’s second largest international airport handles tremendous traffic with more than eighteen airlines flying directly. Mostly to and from Europe (MBA) serves as an entry point to the coastal region of Kenya.

Getting to Kenya

Moi Eldoret International Airport(( EDL)) – Eldoret-The airport is located some 16 kilometers south from Eldoret Town on the Eldoret-Kisumu road.

Traveling to Kenya by sea

The Kenyan coast is open to both commercial and private shipping and The Port of Mombasa is regularly visited by a large number of international cruise liners, it is one of the most popular cruise destinations in Africa.

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There are several popular anchorage points for Yachts including, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Mnarani, and Lamu. For the more maritimely minded It is possible to join dhows for short cruises or longer trips along the coast.

Getting Around Kenya

By air

Kenya has a good network of domestic flights, with carriers including Kenya Airways, Air Kenya, Mombasa Air Safari, Fly 540, Safarilink, and East African Safari Air.

Kenya is a relatively large country, so air transport is the most viable option for getting around if you plan on covering large distances in short periods of time; air travel is convenient and quick, and flight times between the major cities are an hour at the most.

A popular domestic air travel route runs between Nairobi’s JKIA and Mombasa International Airport. Other domestic airports include the Wilson, Malindi, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Lokichoggio airports; plus all the principal safari lodges and camps have their own airstrips, for chartered flights.

By Rail

The train is a convenient, sometimes luxurious way to move, with comfortable beds and good meals, and is by far the safest, though the slowest way to travel on the ground. A passenger line runs inland from Mombasa to Nairobi and on to Kisumu. However, the recently completed Madaraka Express SGR train is quicker than a bus and connects Nairobi to Mombasa.

By Road

If you are in the neighboring countries of Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, and Somalia, traveling to Kenya is just a drive away, all you have to do is go through the border posts and an immigration official will be happy to process your entry paperwork.

Kenya has an extensive and advanced road network making road the most used mode of transport. Matatus (small vans and minibusses) are the most common public form of transport servicing all major cities and most upcountry routes.

You can bring your own car to Kenya and you will receive a three months free passage at the border.

Renting a vehicle is pretty easy in Kenya. It is a good and convenient way of getting around the country at your own pace. There are many car hire services in all major cities and towns, including the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

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