How to order Uber without the app

It is now possible to ask for an Uber ride without using the Uber app or smartphone. Here is how to order Uber without the app but by simply using a simple phone.

Uber booking has been made simple thanks to the introduction of the free toll number that was recently launched by uber Kenya. Provided that you have cash at hand it is now easy to request for a ride with Uber anytime anywhere.

So, how is this possible? Despite launching Uber Lite for smartphones with old operating systems. Uber Kenya realized that still majority of its customers are unable to access their services. That’s why the decision to come up with the free tool number.

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In this post, we’re going to show you how to request an Uber ride without using the app. But first, let’s find out how this works, shall we?

How to order Uber without the app: How it works.

You can book your ride with Uber if you don’t have a smartphone via two different option. Either online via the website or using your mulika mwizi (simple phone) via a toll-free number.

How to order Uber online

The first option is straight forward. Gone are the days where anyone could request a cab for you. People nowadays are no longer at ease booking Uber for others due to the rise of carjacking and other security incidences.

So, in case your friend or a stranger you met at a local joint is adamant on booking a ride for you, simply ask them to allow you access the website using their phone and request the ride yourself using your mobile number.

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The Website only requires your mobile number or a verified social media account. The same case applies if you own a tablet, laptop or an outdated smartphone that won’t install either Uber or Uber lite for you. That’s pretty easy, ha?

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Note: You need to have an account with Uber before using the online service. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one right here.

Moving forward, what if you don’t have any of the above? Well, in that case, don’t you worry, here is a workaround about that.

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How to request Uber ride by a phone call

To request a ride with Uber via a phone call, simply,

  1. On your mobile phone dial and call the Uber toll free number 0800 722 000.
  2. An Uber customer care representative will assist you in finding your driver for the ride.
  3. He/She will then share with you the ride details. you will then be required to give your pick up and drop off locations to the Uber representative.
  4.  A Fare price detail will be given to you over the phone which will require your confirmation.
  5. On disconnecting the phone call, a message will be sent to you with the driver’s detail and the pick-up location.
  6. From here, you now know what to do when you arrive at your destination – PAY WITH CASH

In short, that’s how to request for Uber without using the app. Journey mercies on your next ride. 🙂

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