17 AWESOME Places to Visit in Malindi

Malindi is a tropical town found on the Coast of Kenya. In today’s article, we look at 20 excellent places to visit while touring Malindi.

Most of us know this town because of its beautiful and stunning beaches. However, there is so much that Malindi has to offer to its visitors. Whether one is intrigued by exceptional dining or Scuba diving or even a bird watching experience. All these and many more can be found in Malindi.

Places to Visit in Malindi

Let’s now discuss each of these excellent places in Malindi in details:

  1. Watamu Beach

Watamu beach stretches seven Kilometers long, comprising of soft silvery sand and offshore coral formations. If you would like to take part in a scuba diving or snorkelling activity, then this is the place for you. However, if these two activities sound like an extreme sport for you, you could take a boat ride with a glass bottom to watch various kinds of fish from there.

2. Watamu National Marine Park

This is another excellent place to visit while in Malindi. Here one gets to see over 6000 species of fish. More to this, one can see other sea creatures such as the green turtles. Above the sea level, one can watch various species of birds such as the black kite among others. This marine park is commonly referred to as the green turtle haven.

      Watamu Marine National Park

3. Mayungu Beach

Mayungu beach is your haven for blue water and white sand. Enjoy quiet time on the sunbeds while sipping your favourite tropical drink. This beach has fewer people and therefore, ideal for anyone ready for the ultimate adventure of their lives.

Credits: Booking.com Mayungu Beach

4. Kipepeo Project

I have always been amazed by butterflies. If you are like me, the Malindi Kipepeo project is the place for you. It is a fantastic place to visit in Malindi. One gets to see various types of butterflies, Pupae, moths as well as other insects. On top of all this, you could spend some time at their souvenirs shop and get a few gifts. These fantastic insects could also teach you how to bloom:)

Kipepeo Project

5. Falconry Kenya

We’ve all seen the leadership teachings going around on social media about an eagle. Maybe it is about time that you got close to an eagle and tried to ascertain how true they are. Falconry Kenya is a fantastic place that allows its visitors to get close to some birds of prey. In addition to the eagle, one can be able to see owls, falcons, peckers as well as a 200-year-old tortoise. How cool is this?!

Falconry Kenya

6. Malindi Museum

Malindi Museum popularly known as the house of columns, is a two-story building. Throughout the year, the museum exhibits some temporary exhibits. Some of the most famous shows include Malindi Coelacanth. If you don’t know what this is, please make sure to visit this museum once in Malindi. In addition to knowing what this is, you will get an opportunity to learn more about the culture as well as other archaeological items. Such as ancient anchors and wooden pulleys. Making this place a fantastic place to visit while in Malindi.

7. Che Shale Beach

Imagine the white sands of Watamu beach only now they are gold in colour. This beach is quite expansive and unique as well. Most visitors enjoy doing Kite surfing or even swimming. Moreover, there is more fun to getting to the beach itself. For instance, one could decide to use a tractor, or just a drive through the palm forest. This can be your place to spend a valentine in Kenya.

Credit: Tripadvisor.com.  Che Shale Beach

8. Milda Creek

Milda creek is another excellent place to visit while in Malindi. Even though it is just an inlet with a bed of coral and seagrass, there is a lot to do here. For instance, it is an excellent place to try Kayaking or take a boat ride and feed the flamingoes. One will get a chance to see a wide variety of fish, sea turtles. Moreover, after the boat ride, you could enjoy crab from a restaurant ran by the locals just by the shore of Milda Creek.

Credits: Hospitour.   Milda Creek

9. Marafa Hells Kitchen

This place is commonly known as Marafa depression. For most locals, this place was used for sacred rituals. Just like the other name, it is a mini canyon that has a mystical story about its evolution. To avoid any more spoilers, please take a trip to Marafa Kitchen. I promise you that you will be glad you visited because it is a fantastic place in Malindi.

Marafa Kitchen

10. Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Amazingly enough, this national park is located only minutes away from Watamu beach. It’s a fascinating forest that is filled with natural beauty. Talk about birds, butterflies, and monkeys, and you will find all of them here coexisting peacefully. What more? If you would rather trek the forest rather than take a bus, that is allowed too!

Credits: Kenya Forests Arabuko Sokoke Forest

11. Gedi Ruins

Gedi ruins are located inside the Arabuko Sokoke forest. It is an archaeological mystery that has remained unresolved to date. One of the main reasons why you should visit this place is just to be amazed by how advanced our ancestors were. This Swahili village is said to have been abandoned 600 years ago. However, it was more advanced than the Portuguese could have ever imagined.

Credits: Nation.co.ke. Gedi Ruins

12. Bio Ken Snake Park

This is a reptile research centre housing the largest collection of reptiles in East Africa. If you get nightmares after seeing a snake, Do Not visit this park. The reason being all you will see during your visit will be snakes and more snakes. Moreover, one can be allowed to hold, touch and carry a snake within the park. If snakes marvel you, then Bio Ken snake park is an amazing place to visit while in Malindi.

Credits: Discover Watamu

13.Prawn Lake

It’s a beautiful place to watch the sunset while in Malindi. While here, you could enjoy a few sundowner drinks as crab samosas. The best news is that a local entrepreneur runs it. Moreover, Prawn lake is a fantastic place to visit in Malindi.

14. Ndoro Sculpture Garden

If you love and appreciate nature, you will love the Ndoro Sculpture garden. In this garden, there is more than 300 beautiful sculpture delicately displayed in a serene oasis. Please note that one has to make an appointment early enough to be allowed in the garden. One can also purchase gifts from a gift shop on site.

15. Vasco da Gama pillar

If you have sat in a history lesson in Kenya, then you know about the Vasco da Gama pillar. You also probably know that it is located on the beach. However, just for being a good host, a guide will take you through the history of this place when you visit. An excellent place to take a few pictures as well. Away from learning about history, Vasco da Gama is a fantastic place to visit in Malindi.

Credits: Pinterest Vaso da Gama Pillar

16. Sawa Sawa dhow excursions

Have you ever been on a dhow? If your answer is not yet. It is a good reason for you to take a weekend to the coast and experience the Sawa Sawa dhow excursions. Plan at least a day for this escapade. Additionally, one may watch the sunset from here, and it is quite magical.

Credits: Culture trip

17. Watamu Turtle Watch

Malindi is a remarkable town because of this place. This is a reserve that offers protection to turtles and their eggs. Injured turtles that have been caught accidentally by fishermen are treated at this conservancy as well. Expand your knowledge about sea creatures by visiting this place.

Please take some time off to visit Malindi, and you will be amazed by how much it has to offer!

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