18 Reasons Why Nairobi is an AMAZING City

Nairobi is an amazing city most time. In this article, we are going to explore the top reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city. We will look at some of the unique things that make our city attractive. Despite the negatives that some of us know and have embraced, there is a lot of good things within.

Here is a list of the top reasons to love Nairobi:

  1. The people

I love Nairobians for their resilience and creativity. We are people who know what tragedies are and how to pick ourselves up and start all over. We know when to joke about something and when something is serious enough to require our unity and attention. If you don’t believe it, look at the Westgate attack and Dusit hotel attack. How we showed up to give blood and held vigil. Don’t get me started about the creativity part. Have you seen our memes? Or have you been to KOT?

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

2. There’s opportunity

Even before we get to the cheesy reasons about why Nairobi is amazing, let’s look at the more serious one. Everyone in Nairobi has an opportunity to be something and do something. We have some Fortune 500 companies operating in our city. It does not matter the industry just name it. We have tech giants like Microsoft and Google. In addition to that, we have tech startups that are creating opportunities everywhere in the country. Companies like CloudFactory and Andela. As the government keeps making the environment better, we are hopeful that Nairobi city will keep attracting big companies to invest.

3. A National Park

Ever heard of a capital city with a National park? Nairobi is that city. If you happen to wake up one day and feel like going for a safari. Nairobi got you, on a good day, it will be a 35 minutes drive to the national park. Enjoy watching the big five on an early morning drive to work. Tell me, what more could one really want?

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

4. Leisure Parks

We have three leisure parks at the central business unit in Nairobi. That is Uhuru Park, Central Park, and Jivanjee park. If you in town and suddenly feel overwhelmed by everything, just walk to Central Park, sit under a tree, enjoy the breeze as you calm down.

5. Nairobi is a history hub

Another reason why I find Nairobi amazing as a city is it being a history hub. I mean this City came to be as a result of the arrival of the railway system in 1895. The city prides itself on having the National Museum in the capital, the Karen Blixen museum as well as the railway museum. There is never a dull moment.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city
Credits: Museums.or.ke

6. Rich the culture

We have various art galleries sprawled all over the city. Some of our buildings are art by themselves. Take a look at the GPO center. Some of our renowned art galleries include the Murumbi Gallery, GoDown arts center, Nairobi gallery as well as Banana hill center. If you love art theatre then you see why Nairobi is amazing.

7. Religion is at the center of everything in Nairobi

Despite the fact that not many of us are spiritual. There is a diversity of religious organizations to visit and sample. We have the first Hindu mosque to be built out of Egypt -Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple. Moreover, we have multi-billion dollar churches which woo thousands of faithful each Sunday. We have a little bit of every religion for everyone.


8.The Skyscrapers

When I was a little girl in the village before I stepped my foot in the city. I heard tales about how Nairobi had tall buildings. Famous among all these buildings is the KICC which on its top floor was rumored to be revolving. To this date, I don’t know if this is true. However, one thing is true, Nairobi does have awesome skyscrapers. Some have redefined the architectural industry and others have denied gravity:)

9. No dull moment

Our weekends are packed with social events of all sorts. If it’s not a sporting weekend, we have a concert going down somewhere. Moreover, Nairobi is well known for its festivals. We have Koroga festival. However, for those of us who are all about creating those networks and self-development, you will not miss three to four events up in a weekend. If everything else fails, you can always go to watch a play at the national theatre.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

10. Nairobi is the home to the first experiential bookshop in East and Central Africa

Some of you think that Kenyans have a poor reading habit. But not every Kenyan has a poor reading habit, Nairobians love their books as much as they love their Parks. Late last year, Textbook center – leading bookshop, opened one of its biggest book store in the affluent upmarket, Westlands in Nairobi. This bookstore is one of its kind, with a kid’s section and more books than you could ever imagine. Try visiting and you might even find that book that you have been looking for but have never found. A major reason why Nairobi is an amazing city.

Credits: Pexels

11. Nightlife

We work hard but we even party harder. Nairobi has one of the most vibrant nightlife ever across East Africa. We have state of the art clubs, topnotch Dj’s ready to keep you dancing as well as chilled drinks. Whatever thing you need, we got you. Whether you want to party at the rooftop, or even underground. Everything is covered.

13. Nature trails

If you love walking under trees or jogging in well-manicured lawns each morning, we got you. We have the Arboretum, Oloolua, Karura forest among others. You will take in the fresh air while in the middle of the city. What’s more, you can even enjoy watching various species of birds and even discover one that is yet to be discovered!

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

14. Magnificent Shopping Malls

The mall makes up a big reason why I think Nairobi is an amazing city. The malls are found in all shapes and sizes in Nairobi. International fashion brands and eateries are hosted in these malls. Two rivers mall is the biggest shopping mall in East Africa with fun-filled activities for the whole family. Moreover, we have the village market, Garden city, Thika road mall, Prestige mall among others. We have the Eye of Kenya in Two rivers mall.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city
Credits: Construction Kenya

15. Local and International cuisines

Sometimes, I’m a foodie. When you are a foodie in Nairobi, it has so much to offer you. Do you feel like having ‘githeri'(mixed beans and maize) for lunch just walk to the nearest hotel and you will have it. Do your tastebuds want to have something exquisite as an Italian dish, we have it as well. Or do you just want to eat light and have some Nyama Choma, worry no more? You can never go hungry in Nairobi unless of course, you have no money on you.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

16. Electrifying Energy in the City

Nairobians are know all over to be fast. We walk as though there is someone chasing us for our lives. Moreover, we watch the clock with every single task that we undertake. Adding to this you will find Acrobats at the Archives of Kenya, hawkers everywhere trying to earn a living. There is the manicure guy trying to lure you to their stall for a manicure. Then there is the ‘Makanga’ turnkey, trying to get you on a bus. Once you experience the energy in this city, you never want to leave.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

17. Convenience

This is the topmost reason why Nairobi is amazing. Just like most people, I traveled to the village during the holidays. One day I went shopping and we did shop. We decided the best way to get home is by using a taxi. I took my phone and was loading the apps only to realize none was operating in the village. This is when you learn to appreciate the convenience of living in Nairobi. You can just dial a few buttons and get a cab. You’re hungry and want to cook, worry no more just dial uber eats for a delivery. You need some cleaning done, just call someone to take care of it. Everything is just waiting for you to reach out.

18. 5-star Accommodation

In case you are visiting and you don’t know where to stay. We got you covered! All over the city, you will find 5-star hotels, offering top-notch services. Or do you just live in the city and would like to awaken romance with your loved one. Take them to either of these top-notch restaurants and you will not be disappointed.

19. We speak English

If you know English or a little bit of Swahili, then you are all set to visit Kenya. Our English is pretty good as well so don’t worry. We will hear what you have to say and we will respond swiftly.

Reasons why Nairobi is an amazing city

Now that you’ve seen how amazing Nairobi is, please try to visit us even once in your lifetime.

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