Tala Contacts: How to Contact Tala Kenya

Are you looking for Tala Contacts? I will show you how to contact Tala Kenya, your favorite mobile app loan provider in Kenya.

In the era of mobile phones, everything in Kenya is more straightforward and straightforward. The power of almost everything lies in our hands (Literally), from hailing a cab on your phone to connecting with Family and friends to getting financial support. We can do all this on our mobile phones.

Well, Tala app is the best among the many money lending apps that have helped many Kenyans to sort out their financial challenges through a quick loan to Mpesa.

Tala Contacts

We are not all that Tech-savvy, and time after time, we encounter challenges while using these gadgets (Mobile Phone).

Sometimes, we want to get that personal support from Tala, and I know many Kenyans don’t know how to contact Tala. I researched and found different ways to communicate with the people behind Tala, Kenya.

First, you must know that Tala operates remotely, and the only way to contact them is through the internet and on your mobile phone. No, you cannot visit them as you do to your bank.

Tala administrators are only available on SMS, email, Social media, and the app.

Hot to Contact Tala

Allow me to break it down for you on how to contact Tala Kenya Loan providers. Here are tala contacts;

  1. SMS – If you need support or have questions, you can send an SMS to 21991 and highlight your issue. Kindly NOTE, SMS charges will apply. This number is the official tala customer care number.
  2. Tala Mobile App itself – When you are on the Tala App at the bottom, there is a View FAQs (Short for Frequently Asked Questions) or send us a message. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the place asking you to contact them.
  3. Email – It is simple, open your email app and send an email to [email protected]  Tala customer care will sort you.
  4. Social Media – Tala Kenya has an active Social Media Presence; you can use Facebook to contact them. Just open their Facebook Page and use the Message feature on the Page. If you are on Twitter, follow Tala Kenya Loans on @tala_KE then send them a Direct Message.

It is that simple, if you have queries, or complains, use the above methods to contact Tala Kenya, and they will respond.

Amanullah is not your average writer, he understands concepts and turns ideas into words. He is a fan of characters and likes to play with letters in the alphabet.

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  1. why cant you provide a mobile phone number or customer care official number to all customres,you are to hard to be reachrd for immediate help

  2. my phone where TALA is downloaded and where all messages about my loan and payment details were erased. I sent email to Tala support on how to pay i got no answer

  3. When I try to enter my names and phone number am told my number is not registered and yet i have using mpesa for more than 5 years.what could be the problem

  4. I bought a new phone ,unfortunately my transaction account is blocked. because you only recognized the first phone. activate my account to repay to your loan. All the lines given on e-mail are not working

  5. paid my loan using my id no.as account number instead of phone no.The mpesa message was received to have paid Tala mobile yet my account is not cleared and normally it takes seconds to clear loan account after payment.

    • I cleared all my dues last yr only to realize today that you have taken me to CRB NEGATIVELY WHY. The mobile Phone number I use to take loan with is 0743485316 my name is Joseph Nyakone Ogita

  6. I got a new phone and can’t access my account.It is very frustrating because I want to pay back my loan.You also don’t have a number to be reached on.To make matters worse there is no location of your offices,how is one to be assisted for immediate help???

  7. Same here I have also messed up with account after repaying it but my questions are being ignored just don’t know how to handle this

  8. I paid my loan on 23rd Jan 2019, yet I’m receiving messages every day from Tala and SKYWAVE (I guess it’s one of their debt collectors). Why not update your records?….pissed off.

  9. I’m using a hand set where someone else had installed the Tala app. I’ve tried to uninstall it and install it so that it can become my account but it’s impossible. My loan is already overdue. What do I do?

    • Have have an issue with my loan payment I paid but forgot to put my account now . the loan has not reflected yet the Mpesa transaction went through to your account what should I do please help

  10. I have cleared a loan of 31050 and you have not upgraded in the system or received any comfirmation, Pliz advice, want to take another loan. My acc/no is 0722654871, Thanks and waiting.

  11. Please how can I log in to my account with a phone that I bought from my friend.because it tells me that the phone is linked to another person. I have a clean account with you. please assist me.

  12. Comment:have paid my loan on 13/2/2019 bt no batch number was sent to me to be cleared from CRB in fact it still shows that I have not paid in the Crb report.kindly have a look on this

  13. Have been coperating well with tala but i am still listed with CRB. Kindly i would wish to be cleared. Thank you. My account number 0799665437

  14. I’ve applied for a loan but my I’d number as already registered to your system.Please I need your assistance.

  15. Hi Tala i requested a loan of 5000 and paid a fee of 250 which is representing class C. But i didnt get a response. Pls help.

  16. U have not been replying to my messages first u told me I had a loan of 2200 within a week u have sent a message to pay 3343 can u plz help me before u put me to crb

  17. i paid my loan bt till now have not received any message with refference number that will help me be cleared from CRB kindly help

  18. Paid my mpesa talk loan through mpesa code NCP9QPA1W5 but forgot to put my phone number I put tala as account namba my phone number is 0722395196 kindly urgently assist as am being threatened by so many messages of not paying on time and paying other over due charges

  19. Kindly i repaid loan of 12,280 yesterday the 27th March 2019 and not received any notification. And the status is that i still owe you 12, 250 yet i have cleared. 0719431198. Kindly check on that

  20. I borrowed a loan from you sometimes back ,negotiated the repayment schedule unfortunately you have blacklisted me. should we re-negotiate again or what’s my fate now

  21. I cleared my loan yesterday but till now av not got any response. The app still indicates am in arrears. What’s happening to your system. Kindly assist.

  22. Comment:i have paid loan but my name still exist At CRB why for sure and I paid on February?? please remove me and send a notification 0727384397

  23. Comment:I like Tala but I would like to pay back the loan and apply for a nother , could you please allow m usee current device

  24. Comment:I have paid my loan and yet I’m receiving your frequent sms’s now and then.kindly update your systems.

  25. help me you people reactivate my account i have a new phone and i canot acces tala services why and i have already paid 8880 and i have never been late

  26. Comment:please how can i log in to my account with a phone that i bought from a friend because it tells me that the the phone number is link to another tala account.please assist me on this matter,my account number is 0712989762.i hope to hear from you again.

  27. I cleared my Tala loan and applied for another which I paid on time.I applied for another one on 5th May 2019.On 6th when I confirmed from may bank I’m still listed on crb.please clear my name from crb.I need a development loan urgently.thanks0792148436

  28. Comment:I have tried to access loan from 2017 yet u deny me loan mara oh the I’d is regesterestedy,so wat do u mean when you say so???

  29. I have an issue I made payment of a loan that was overdue ,so far no communication from your end,need to be cleared from CRB ,it’s a challenge reaching you pple,you need a customer care no. Urgently.I need urgent help from the bank

  30. Comment:please don’t hurry to put my account 0741117242 on CRB, I will cleared for it is a must for me to Pay, Shephern Muhando, thank you.

  31. Kindly when one has already cleared with your loan,why can’t you respond immediately with the batch no.
    Kindly send me my batch no to be cleared up in the CRB.

  32. I have paid my loan of ksh.6210.I requested for a batch number to remove my name from CRB but still no cmmunication.Why?

  33. I have tried to tell you people to reset my account I want to pay my loan I have a new phone why are you making it difficult for me? I have sent you several messages but all in vain

  34. Hey been trying to pay your loan but the app seems to be having an issue, kindly assist on an alternative. Thank you.

  35. Comment:I pay my loan of account 0729324665 yesterday BT I failed to enter my number as my account so the money went to tala account how will you assist me

  36. I paid my overdue loan of 14904 and still am listed so kindly can I be given a batch number to help me be cleared from the crb my number is 0742186525

    • Hi, If your phone is second hand and you know the previous owner, ask them to send Tala a message via email, SMS or Facebook via their DM confirming that they are the owner.

  37. Hi! Yesterday I paid a loan of ksh 6500 mpesa confirmed it has been transferred to tala but balance remain s which take has sent this morning. Please help!

  38. I overpaid my loan with ksh.2912. Got so frustrated with their customer support that I decided to opt out of their services. I have written to them numerous times requesting my credit money but unfortunately all go unanswered. I’m trying to figure out how to sue them, any advice you offer will greatly help. So far I’m going to report the matter to consumer federation of kenya, perhaps there could be other cases reported as well.
    If there are others like me, launch your case with cofec perhaps we can consolidate our resources and sue for our money. It’s just my thoughts, share yours maybe we could find a solution..

  39. Hello ….i paid my tala loan but still listed with CRB…kindly update my CRB status and give me a batch number

  40. Comment:Tala, i have cleared your loan kindly send me batch number to assist me to be cleared from crb, my number is 0723051002

  41. Comment:I paid my loan of 5123 and yet you have not cleared me for one month now ama mnirudishie pesa zangu. or I sue you in court for affecting my credit rates

  42. I regret having delayed clearing my balance. Kindly accept my apologies n clear me from CRB. ….please send the batch number …have some emergency which can only be sorted by being cleared. Thanks

  43. Hello tala,I clearest my loan of ksh.1242 on December last year but the amount still reflect in a system, please help I want to take a loan in Barclays

  44. I cleared my loan through this account 0723670376 but still in crb…..please update my account to show that I don’t have any dept please

  45. I cleared my loan through this account 0723670376 but still in crb…..please update my account to show that I don’t have any dept please need a batch number

  46. Hello is it possible you help me clear my crb record after clearing the out standing loan i had.

    ID NO 27222106
    Mobile No 0726117118

  47. hello, someone used my phone to borrow a loan in february 2019 using his number as account number( 0725 323 044). please help on reaching out to him to pay the loan.


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