How to Unblock Tala Account

Why would your Tala account be blocked? It is probably because you entered the wrong password severally. As you already know, security is imperative when it comes to money lending apps and personal information.

As such, when Tala realizes that someone is struggling to access your account with the wrong password severally, they will probably block your account until you can confirm that you are the actual owner of the account. There is no reason to worry if you blocked your account since we are going to explain to you just how to unblock your Tala account fast.

Several users have found themselves troubled after blocking their account which means they cannot access further loans until the account is activated. However, you do not have to worry. It is a process that is self-explanatory and within no time, your account will be reinstated.

How To Quickly Unblock Tala Account

So the first step is texting Tala to inform them of your blocked line

You will receive a message from a bot that reads “Hi Loans, thanks for contacting us. One of our loan officers will reply within 24 hours. Forgot your PIN? Upload a selfie with your National ID next to your face to get a temporary login PIN. This will help us help you faster!”

You may also receive an email with the following information

Kindly send a photo of your National ID card on both sides front and back as an attachment on our In-App chat or on Facebook at

Here is how it works

You will realize that Tala requires your selfies and your ID card to unblock your account. There are three photos to take; Front of ID photo, back of ID photo and your face photo. Why does Tala Ask for Selfies? It’s for account security purposes. Selfies reveal the true owner of the account. Next time you block your Tala app, a selfie will make Tala attendants to quickly unblock your account without asking too many security questions.

How To Quickly Unblock Tala Account

  • Place your ID on a flat well-lit surface
  • Take a close up photo of the front part of the ID.
  • Turn it to show the back face of the ID and take another photo.
  • Now take a close up photo of your face – preferably stand close to a wall.
  • Submit the Selfies

It is important to note that those Selfies must reach Tala for the appropriate steps to commence.

If you want to send the Selfies through email to Tala, then write the unblocking request and Tala account number. Attach the three Selfies and send to [email protected]

By Twitter, send a direct message(DM) with the three Selfies as attachments to

Note that you can’t use the in-app chat to ask for unblocking your Tala loan app because before you are able to do anything, you must log in and you have lost your password.

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