10 Tips on How to Create a Professional Blog

In today’s post about 10 Tips on How to Create a Professional Blog, we are going to show your how to set up and run a blog from start to finish. let’s do this.

Blogging is fun, all bloggers need to agree to that, so how did we end up here? Many people who start their own blogs often dream of the day when they will become “professional bloggers” or have a “professional blog”.

The definition of a professional blog can vary according to the concept of each – and can also vary the ways to achieve this objective. (Creating a Professional blog).

Some may argue that you don’t create a professional blog, it builds itself once you set the right foundation. See that is just one variation of the whole concept here. So how do you make your blog professional? this article will guide you on how to get there.

What is a professional blog?

The most obvious answer to this question may be: a professional blog is one that earns money. In part, this is true. But having a professional blog can be more than that – or even less in some respects. I’ll explain better.

For me, a professional blog is one that is built on integrity and commitment to the reader. Earning money with it will be a consequence of the bloggers’ actions.

So there are professional blogs that have not yet earned a single cent (but they will do so one day, for sure) and other blogs that already give financial returns (but are extremely amateur and are at serious risk of failing in the future).

I am going to show you 10 tips that will enable you to structure your blog in a professional manner, with the goal of making money with it, and the best part is it will do so permanently.

How to Create a Professional Blog

create professional blogWrite original quality articles

The first – and most important – tip for those who want to have a professional blog is to have original and quality content. And that takes work, yes hard work.

Depending on what you have written, a single article can take hours of research, preparation, testing, and preparation of the text.

That is precisely what readers value most: they will not access your blog to read what has been posted on other blogs.

They want something new, something that you created and will only be found on your blog. If you want to be a blogger and cannot write original quality articles, please don’t start.

Set up a blog on your own domain

There is nothing wrong with having a blog on Blogger or wordpress.com. I am one of the many bloggers who started off on these platforms and still maintain some blogs on blogger and wordpress.com.

But if you have a blog on these platforms and want to make money with it, an indispensable step is to configure it to your own domain.

This means to change your address to nabaleka.blogspot.com to https://nabaleka.com. The domain itself becomes a greater sense of seriousness and commitment to their player.

Having your own domain is not free, but it costs little: from $ 10-30 per year. You may take it further by getting your blog self-hosted which will give you control and ability to do much more.

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You can buy hosting from either on Hostgator or BlueHost. The process is much more simple as explained in this article.

Use a custom theme or template

Another very important point is to have a custom template, not the default available free templates or themes. This is important for the reader to realize that your blog is unique.

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There are plenty of good themes out there in the market that you can get for a few dollars. Remember, professionals, use the money to get to where they are…

See some examples of the best themes available for WordPress blogs on ThemeForest. You can also find some of the best WordPress themes known as Genesis Framework.

How to Create a Professional Blog – Provide a contact form

When your blog stands out and draws attention, it’s natural that people will want to contact you. Readers may be in doubt, providers wanting to offer you products or companies wanting to advertize on your blog.

If they do not find a way to contact you, they may just give up and go to another blog. A simple way to do this is by displaying an e-mail on your page. An even better way is to offer a contact form, which can be accessed by a link that is highlighted.

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Use e-mail related to your domain

Another caution that reinforces the sense of professionalism is the email you use to answer the contacts received from your blog. Note the difference: one thing is to send an email to a potential advertiser through email example@hotmail.com.

Another very best to send it by info@nabaleka.com, the latter is much more professional!
If you already have a blog on your own domain, you can have an e-mail without having to pay more for it. You may also get one outlook.com and use it as your professional email address.

Respond to received emails

This item is a complement to the previous two items. If you have set up a contact form on your blog, make a commitment to answer all emails received. And do it in the most agile way possible. Even to give a negative response.

When you do not answer an email from a reader or an advertiser, they will start to feel that you are not even there with them. This will hurt your endeavors of having a professional blog.

How to Create a Professional Blog – Have a media kit

If you are interested in selling advertising space on your blog, having a media kit is essential. A media kit is your advertising material where you post information on your blog that may be of interest to advertisers.

There must be important and statistics that influence the display of advertisements and forms of advertising offered.

Engage your readers

Another important step to a professionalized blog is to share the engagement of your readers. When readers love and believe in you, they naturally will favor actions that your blog post and disclose your articles, they will buy the products you represent and collaborate for their growth. To your potential advertisers, it is very important!

Getting engagement is not a simple activity. Besides having great content, you can interact with them. So, answer all the comments received and interact with your followers on social networks. Your readers realize and reciprocate that attention.

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Be Ethical

This is one of the essential tips for your blog to be seen as professional: put ethics above all. If you fail to do this, you risk having your image scratched irreparably.

Ethics is usually achieved through common sense – and it is clear when it is not followed. For example, if you were paid to write an article about a product, tell that to the readers.

Another example: if you liked so much text from another blog and want to republish it, try to contact the author, please ask your permission and state the source on your blog.

Invest in your blog

Finally, understand that you will need to invest in your blog to have a professional blog. The investment may be necessary both directly (by paying for your domain, getting a custom theme, hosting, SEO Services, etc.) or indirect (purchasing products for testing, taking classes to learn more about your area etc.).

Do not see it as an expense but as an investment for a better blog and retrieve the value in the future.

That’s it go out there and create a professional blog if you have not started yet. We provide professional Blog development and create it in the best way to suit you and your readers, get in touch with us so we can discuss the way forward and get you that professional blog.

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