Blog monetization in Kenya: Make money with a new Blog

This post is about Blog Monetization. I know that there are a lot of guides on the internet, I have made this one specifically with the intention to help my readers 90% or the new bloggers and those interested in making money blogging.

Many if not all bloggers will join the blogging sphere with hopes of making money from their blogs. This is probably after reading other inspiring blogs online or through a friend who informs them that they can actually earn online.

There are many ways to make money online including Working Online but what if freelancing is not the thing for you, then starting a blog is the surest way you can make money online and these are the ways for you.

I have said it you too can earn a decent income through blogging, as a matter of fact, there are bloggers out there who live entirely on their blogs.

I have in the past written an article on how bloggers make money through their blogs, but you will notice that is for already established bloggers who have been at it for some time. So how do you make money with a new blog? Read On.

Gone are the days when the basic advice given to new bloggers was to create great content for some time and wait when you hit thousands of readers a month then consider blog monetization. No, I will tell you there is no time to start blog monetization other than now you might be already late.

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Blog Monetization – How to make money with a new blog

I won’t bore you with many useless words, but I will dive directly into the details. Let us find out how you can start earning from your new blog.

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  1. Make sure your blog has all the necessary pages – such as  “About, Privacy Policy, Contact us”.
  2. Do basic On-Page SEO – Optimize title tags, meta descriptions and such
  3. Post regularly (recommended one post every day) for the first month
  4. Be active on Social Media, Create accounts for your blog on social media (recommended – Facebook, Twitter, Google + )
  5. Don’t do any link building at least for the first month of your blogging. Google now puts into consideration natural link building practices and if they notice something unnatural, you will be in trouble. If you decide to build links then build no more than 3 a day. Click here to know more about link building.

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Blog Monetization for New Blogs

Here are the two sure ways to consider when it comes to blog monetization

Make money with Google Adsense

Make money with adsense

In all the articles online about blog monetization; Adsense is listed the first because it is the most widely known advertising network in the world and, of course, the best and applies to blogs as well as websites.

Adsense is owned by Google and they have strict policies when you join them. Many new bloggers will find Adsense as a good source on the internet. Basically, it is known as a CPC network which stands for Cost Per Click.

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This is usually a starting point for most new bloggers but as I said it has strict policies and might take your blog sometime before you are accepted into their program.

Adsense works on any Niche can work on blogger but not, you can earn from few cents to good income depending on various factors.

I will recommend any blogger to at least tryout Google Adsense, but it is not the only way to make money online.

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Blog Monetization Through Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia Affiliate marketing, is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

If I add my own words affiliate marketing is where big companies reward you for sending them, customers. You make money when somebody buys their goods or services through a link these big companies track known as an affiliate link.

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So you only need a link if you don’t have a website/blog but if you do you can as well place adverts on your blog and make money through them.

This method works well with Niche sites, and it has been proven to be the most lucrative way many bloggers use to earn online. There are blogs you will not see a single Ad but at the end of the day the blogger banks thousands of dollars.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it can work on free blogs such as where you are only allowed to place affiliate links in your blog posts.

Any new blogger needs to understand how Affiliate marketing works and will have no difficulty using this method for blog monetization.

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Other Blog Monetization Ways

I have placed the following under one category since they are more advanced and you will make money with them once your blog starts receiving a certain amount of traffic. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Self-Advertising
  • Buy Sell Ads
  • Product Reviews

There you go now you know the two best keeps coming back to Nabaleka where I will be introducing you to more and more ways of making money with your blog. Feel free to ask questions or engage me in discussions using the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Blog monetization in Kenya: Make money with a new Blog”

  1. Great tips here Emmanuel.

    Posting regularly is a good thing if one wants to bring in some income from their blogs eventually (how long the period of waiting is varies from one blogger to another).

    And that could mean just one post a day. Or more. I don’t know if you have heard the story of Patrick Meninga (podcast interview he did with Yaro Starak) where in one month he just decided to create lots of content for his addiction blog, sometimes publishing 25 articles a day.

    Eventually his earnings from AdSense increased – and of course he liked that.

    And so for the people serious about blogging, here are some great tips from Emmanuel.

  2. Thanks for your tips i want to start my blogger and make side hustle income and dont know how to start and not much can you assist

  3. When you say creating a page for my blog,do you mean per every post I put or for the whole blog?
    I don’t get affiliate marketing even though I have read twice.


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