How to make money with a blog for beginners

Many people want to know how to make money with a blog but can not find this kind of information conclusively on the internet.

Before we begin to explain how to make money with a blog, it is good to make it clear that to succeed in this business a lot of dedication is needed

Creating and a blog is just like any other business. You need proper planning, organization and hard work. To make money you need to work hard on the blog.

Before thinking about how to make money with a blog you need to have a publishing platform software for the creation of the blog, which is really good and flexible to implement the ads that are its largest source of revenue.

I recommend WordPress, a content management platform most used worldwide, and even better, free.

Working with WordPress is not difficult. There are thousands of tutorials around the Internet.  With the platform installed it is time to start producing their content and make money.

How to make money with a blog

There are basically two ways on how to make money with a blog. The first is through the sale of advertising space and the second is selling some type of product on your site, usually info products.

In both cases, it is critical that your blog has enough traffic and for this you need to have interesting and creative content.

Focus on a particular subject and create content that really interests and help people. This is the easiest way to monetize sites.

Forget the history of hanging around copying a lot of articles published on the Internet, do your work. Develop your own content and publish your blog. If you want to know how to make money on the internet, the first tip is: Work hard!

Where to get advertisers

This is the simplest part of the whole thing, oddly enough. The first advertisers will come from that known affiliate Programs. It works as follows.

You sign up for one of these programs and the company will pass you a code that you will insert into your blog so that the ads that are displayed on the company blog. Their remuneration comes from the click you are given these ads or sales that originate from the people who clicked on those ads, depending on the type of Affiliate Program.

Making money with a new blog

The first customer of a new blog is very Google! Exactly, most often the first advertiser of a new blog is Google through the program Google Adsense. It works as follows. First, you open an account with Adsense and configures your ad. Then you take the code and paste in the areas where you intend to publish the ads. Read the article How To Make Money With AdSense.

Each time one of these ads is clicked, the advertiser pays a certain amount to Google and he passes on a percentage of that value to the blogger. This money is in an account with Google that periodically transfers this money to bloggers. Simple like that.

Advertisers who pay for sales

The second group of advertisers that will certainly appeal to those who want to know how to make money with a blog. Are the advertisers who pay for sales that had its origin your blog. The affiliate programs that pay a commission per sale are increasingly common.

Direct selling ads

When your blog earns a considerable amount of visitors and becomes a reference in the segment, oh yeah it’s time you start marketing its advertising space directly. This is another way of making money with a blog, and one of the most profitable by the way.

Companies are looking for sites that speak of a particular subject related to your products and services and blogs are seen as a great option in these cases. If your blog becomes really interesting, the companies themselves will look for you and there yourself manages this engagement. This is a way to make money by creating a blog that is increasingly attractive in Brazil.

Selling info products

This is another way to make money with a blog. By becoming a reference in your area, you can develop e-books and even courses to sell online. That’s right, if you want to know what to sell on the Internet, there is the answer; their knowledge on a subject.

With the lack of time nowadays and the increasing need for specialization to achieve a place in the labor market or even in the entrepreneurial world, people are eager to manuals and training to help them in this regard. This is where the opportunity arises to make money with info products.

To make money with a blog you need to dedicate

There is no way to make money with a blog without the dedication and hard work, because in fact you will be entering an increasingly competitive segment and therefore only the best can stand out, as in any other area.

It is illusory to think that the blogger’s life is easy. The modern blogger is versatile and multidisciplinary because besides the editorial part there is also the need to take care of the optimization, of the question for search engines (SEO), social networks like Facebook and other forms of online disclosure.

Now that you know how to make money with a blog, how about putting your hands dirty and start bill as soon as possible?

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