The Agricultural Finance Corporation Loans

Read on to find the types of loans offered by the Agricultural Finance Corporation in Kenya.

Since its establishment in 1963, Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) has served over 70,000 farmers and a total of 1.5 million clients, across its branches countrywide and has since handled over 120 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

Agricultural Finance Corporation Loan Products

AFC focuses on agriculture financing only. Credit solutions are available to those business and individuals in the agricultural business sector.

Some loan products require individuals or corporate institutions to have an account with AFC like one described below.

1. Vuna Account

This is a transaction account designed for groups and individuals in agriculturally related activities such as traders, farmers, and suppliers of agricultural inputs.

Vuna account is designed to facilitate individual access to loan products since a majority, especially farmers, remain without banks accounts to transact their financial needs.

Farmers can also build savings to be used as collateral in securing loans. See how to check your credit status with CRB.

Requirements for opening Vuna Account

  • A registration certificate – for Groups
  • Passport size photo for the officials/individuals
  • Photocopies of National ID and KRA PIN certificate (group official)
  • Group by-laws such as minutes and a resolution to open the account.
  • Opening amount of Ksh 500 for individuals and Ksh 2,500 for Self-groups or Partnerships

Benefits of Vuna Account

  • It is easy to open and operate.
  • It is accessible in all AFC branches countrywide.
  • Affordable withdrawal fee.
  • Free quarterly account statement.
  • No withdrawal limit.

2. Seasonal crop credit

This type of loan targets seasonal crop farmers whose farming activities involve The production of maize, wheat, potatoes, rice and other food crops that mature within 12 months.

The items financed in this type of loan are the production and harvest cost and a farm of the minimum acreage of about 5 acres of maize and wheat.

Loan Application Requirements

  • Tangible collateral for the loan
  • Suitability of the project
  • A business plan of the intended project
  • Original search certificate of the security
  • A copy of payslip and bank statement
  • Personal contribution to the proposed project.

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3. Cash Crop Loan

This is a credit facility for cash production of Sugarcane, citrus fruits, coffee, bananas, cashew nuts, tea, mango trees, pyrethrum, stevia, and other cash crops. And covers the following items.

  • Processing equipment
  • Operating costs
  • Crop establishment
  • Crop maintenance

Loan Application Requirement

  • Appropriate and approved crop varieties
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Availability of processing facilities within reasonable distances.

4. General Agribusiness Loan

The agri-business loans are meant to provide start-up capital for those seeking to start or are already engaged in agricultural micro-enterprises such as marketers of farm produce, Traders, Processors, and Transporters. These are loans designed to benefit the agri-business traders.

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Loan Eligibility

  • The viability of the business
  • Collateral for the loan
  • 20% equity contribution to the project.

5. Asset Finance (machinery) Loan

This loan is for the purchase of farm machinery to facilitate the production and transportation of farm produce. This is a direct response to the low uptake of technology and mechanized agriculture that continues to impact on productivity levels negatively.

Apart from the convenience, increased mechanization and yields, an individual who comes for this loan product is assured of getting extra revenues from their farm machinery through hiring out to those who don’t have it.

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Again, this type of credit covers the financing of Farm machinery and implements and Pick-up and truck for transport of farm produce

Asset Finance Loan Application Requirement

  • Machinery/vehicle to be registered jointly with AFC
  • Applicant to sign a blank transfer form to be deposited with the Corporation together with logbook
  • Machinery to be insured with comprehensive insurance cover
  • A minimum deposit of 30% of the net purchase price for new machinery and a 50% deposit for reconditioned machinery

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6. Livestock and Fisheries Development Loans

These are loans for livestock and fisheries development and are used to finance:-

  • Sheep and goat breeds Rabbit keeping
  • Fish production Dairy and beef breeds
  • Beekeeping
  • Piggery keeping Working capital

Loan Application Requirements

  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Suitability of the project
  • Experience in the livestock and fish production

7. Horticulture and floriculture loans

These type of loans are meant to finance horticultural and floricultural projects such as

  • Water and electricity supply systems.
  • Fruits, vegetable, and flowers
  • Working capital
  • Labour and other operational costs.
  • Greenhouses and related equipment.
  • Harvesting and packaging equipment.

Loan Eligibility

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Relevant experience in floriculture & horticulture
  • Adequate water supply

8. Water Development Loans

Next, on our list of AFC loan, we feature the Water development loans. These are loans intended for water development projects mainly for irrigation and livestock use. AFC finance boreholes, water tanks, irrigation equipment, shallow wells,  pumps, troughs, pipes, farm dams, and even labour!

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9. School-Based Loans

These are Loans specifically meant to cater to Primary, Secondary & Tertiary institutions who have ventured into school farming.

The loan aims to subsidize the cost of school feeding by Supporting Self- Sufficiency in Schools. The loan finances

  • Agribusiness
  • Crop & Livestock production
  • Value addition amongst others
  • Farm Machinery & infrastructure
  • Horticulture

School-Based Loans Qualification

  • A written proposal for the intended project
  • A Vuna relationship account with Agricultural Finance Corporation
  • Adequate land size for the proposed project

10. Stawisha Group Loan

The Stawish group loan is meant for groups trading in agricultural products and agricultural inputs, particularly the youths and women who have no physical security to secure credit.

Stawisha Group Loan comes in 3 levels which will allow groups to access a higher amount as they successfully grow their business.

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The challenges facing this target group, such as unemployment and poverty, can be addressed by accessing the fund and engage in enterprise development across the agricultural value chain.


  • Vuna Account holder.
  • Guarantee-by group members and group officials.
  • Minutes from the group stating the resolution to borrow the loan.
  • Active group undertaking Agricultural related activities
  • 15% interest per annum.

Benefits of Stawisha Group Loan

  • Flexible repayment period
  • Affordable interest
  • Fast processing
  • Opportunity to graduate to the next level of credit scheme
  • Flexible security -group guarantee and group savings.

How to apply for AFC loans

An individual wishing to apply for any Agricultural Finance Corporation loan product can do so using any one of the following methods. Read also: Youth Fund Kenya loans

  • By visiting any AFC branch near you.
  • By applying online through The Agricultural Finance Corporation website
  • And lastly through the use of their mobile phones by calling the AFC offices.

In conclusion, that is the full list of loans offered by the Agricultural Finance Corporation. You can also visit the AFC website, in case you need further information regarding their loan products. If you find this post meaningful, Why don’t you hit the share button below? Cheers!

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