How to repay Tala, Branch or Saida loan for another line

As a borrower, there are some questions that you are probably wondering like; How to repay Tala, Branch or Saida loan for another line, Can I pay Tala or Branch loan for another person using my phone?

Is it possible to use another M-Pesa account to pay a mobile loan for another M-Pesa account? Well, now we have the answers to your questions.

To start off, there are various instances that may compel someone to ask you to pay their loan. For example, they may have lost their phone and their M-Pesa line, they may not be having any cash to repay their loan or you may be offering to repay their loan because they are close to you.

Regardless of your reasons, the question at hand is whether it is indeed possible to pay someone else’s Tala, Branch or Saida loan using your phone.

How to repay Tala, Branch or Saida loan for another line

Saida, Tala, and Branch have been reliable loan applications that have been lending money to Kenyans enabling them to expand businesses and to cater for emergencies by dispensing soft and urgent loans.

Paying a friend’s Loan

Upon inquiry from the Tala team, we were informed that you can use another person’s registered M-Pesa number to make payments. Use pay-bill 851900 and YOUR registered Tala phone number as the account number.

As you can see, it is possible to pay another person’s loan using your phone number. However, there are important things that you should note.

If you are paying a Tala loan for a friend, you should not be a Tala customer, meaning your lines should not be registered at Tala.

How to repay Tala, Branch or Saida loan for another line

Ideally, after making the payment, the amount should reflect on the persons Tala Account after 24 hours. In case the amount does not reflect within the said time, you should contact the loan app and explain the inconvenience.

Step by step process of how to repay someone’s Tala, Saida or Branch Loan

  • Go to M-pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-pesa
  • Select Paybill no (Here enter 851900)
  • Enter Account no (Here enter your friend’s M-Pesa phone number)
  • Enter amount (enter the loan amount)
  • Enter M-pesa PIN
  • Press OK

Note: To pay for another Mpesa number which you or a friend/relative you want to help users to get a loan from Tala, Simply enter their number as the account number.

It should be noted that if you are using Branch loan app or Saida loan app, the steps are the same to pay for a loan for another person.

Change the Paybill number to 998608 for Branch app users and 854400 for Saida app users. It is as simple as pie as you can see.

Simply use the right pay bill numbers for the loan app you are repaying with and input the number of your friend as the account number and that is it. You have done them the honor of paying their debt.

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  1. Hallo, kindly I need assistance I borrowed loan with Tala and Branch but I can’t remember the numbers I used. Can I get assistance?

  2. tala is the worst money app have come across.they are so unproffetional and ijust think are there to fleeze people do they work withaut a mobile number in his century.learn from safaricom and stop causing your clients all this pain of writting emails that ar never returned nor answered sms to 21991.your useless i hate you


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