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There is a bucket list of loan apps in Kenya where you can easily get a loan through your phone instantly whenever you need it. Scoppe Loan app happens to be one of the recent apps that offer instant mobile loans to Kenyans. Scoppe Loan App is a product of Pesa Pata which is a secure mobile loan platform for Android users.

How to Use Scoppe Loan App

Like other loan apps in Kenya, The Scoppe loan is rather straightforward to use. Users must be above the legal age of 18 years with a valid passport or identification card. Like other apps such as Tala Loan App, you must have a Facebook account or a Google account. To get the application;

Scoppe Loan App

  • Go to Play store and download Scoppe Loan App
  • Sign up with Facebook or Google
  • Provide your ID number as required
  • Add your mobile phone number
  • Wait for the app to evaluate your loan limit
  • That is it, your account is ready
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Borrowing from Scoppe loan App

Once downloaded from Google Play Store and installed on your phone. Scoppe Loan App scans your SMS folder for Mpesa transaction history and your voice call pattern history to build a credit score.

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Scoppe loans do not require any security and borrowers have to build their creditworthiness over time. The loan increment eligibility depends on your repayment behaviour of previous loans. The loan amount to borrow can be anything below the loan limit. The interest rate is 1% per day.

  1. Login to Scoppe loan App
  2. Select ‘Loans’
  3. Select ‘Apply Loans’
  4. Put the Loan the amount you want
  5. Select the Duration of payment
  6. Wait for the loan to be processed
  7. You will receive the loan within minutes to your Mpesa number verified by Scoppe
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Scoppe Loan App Advantages

Scoppe Loan App

  • Ample repayment period even if your loan repayment date is overdue.
  • Once you are qualified for a loan, the disbursement is fast hence making it reliable for emergency loans.
  • Loan defaulters are given a grace period of before being blacklisted.
  • Scoppe loan app provides scheduled loan notification of repayments to their customers.

Scoppe Loan App Disadvantages

High loan Interest rates compared to regular bank loans

Steps for repaying Scoppe loan

Repayment duration is between 7 days to 1month. Repayments are made weekly.

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Unlike other loan apps, Scoppe loan app does not use a pay bill number. To repay the loan, borrowers simply:

  • Log into your account
  • Select ‘Payments’
  • Fill in the pop up prompt
  • Submit
  • Wait for a confirmation that your loan has been paid in Full.

Contact Scoppe customer care

After you’re logged in, select ‘Support’ to get to the FAQs page.

Select the menu at the top left corner

Select ‘Start Conversation’

Other ways to reach Scoppe

Call: 0707000222


Offices: Jasmine Center, Block E2, Pinto Rd, Westlands, Nairobi Kenya

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