Saida Loan App Download – 2020 Update

Saida loan app is one of the top 10 loan apps in Kenya and is considered to be the best instant mobile loan providers that currently disburses loans to Mpesa and Airtel money in Kenya.

How do you Qualify for a Saida Loan?

For you to get a loan from Saida, you must be eligible, and Saida uses different ways to make sure you are likely to get a loan from them.

One of the features they use to determine your loan limit is your M-Pesa transaction messages. Once your loan limit is established, Saida will disburse the loan amount straight to your Mpesa or Aitel money account.

Saida loans start from as little as Ksh 600 and go up to a maximum of Ksh 100,000. The loan interests are usually charged upfront.

Let’s say; you request a loan of Ksh 8,000 with a service fee of say 10%, Saida will disburse Ksh 7,200 but will pay Ksh 8,000.

How Does Saida Work?

Just like any other loan app, Saida loan app uses the machine learning algorithm to validate your identity and also to determine your loan limit and creditworthiness.

After installation, of course, with your permission, the app, scans and reads data on your phone. It reads information such as;

  • Mpesa transactions messages
  • Phonebook records
  • Speed dial
  • Mobile-phone usage patterns
  • Airtime reloads and usage
  • And, lastly, it checks your voice call patterns.

If they find you eligible, Saida will then give you a notification about the amount of money you are likely to apply.

How to Apply for a Saida Loan

  1. Visit Google Play Store on your smartphone to download Saida App
  2. Create an Account on the App
  3. Answer a couple of questions (your name, mobile number, ID No,  and email)
  4. You must specify an amount you can access for the disbursement of the loan.
  5. They will scan and let you know if you are eligible for a loan.

It is essential to read reviews of other users on the Google Play store before using the application. This will help you make an informed decision about the app of choice.

Instant Mobile Loans in Kenya have enabled many people to sort out their financial situations in Kenya and are an alternative to other Finance providers like Banks.

These days there is Financial freedom and the number of options for getting a loan are unlimited. Make sure you maintain a good Credit Score since most of these applications will check for this parameter.

Also, it is essential always to keep your Mpesa messages on the phone as it is one of the things Saida will look at.

Other loan apps include:

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